Intelligent articles by MISA authors Part 1

I can not not write about this. This is another shining example of the level of stupidity, and maybe lack of attention of the important MISA people.
On the official site there is an article about subtle energies of sounds
The article is taken from the MISA publication Yoga Magazine, and is supposedly written by MISA VIP/instructor/composer/MISA techno music superstar Dan Bozaru.
My attention brought to this mistake on one of the Romanian forums, where it was also mentioned that in the original Yoga Magazine article it was written correctly.
So what is the problem? The problem is that in the very first sentence the author mentions something called Bing Bang. Of course he is referring to the Big Bang, you know the thing that created the Universe. You might say this is just a tipO and it's not that bad. Of course it's not. Anyone can make a simple mistake like that, it could be also due to chance or hitting the wrong button on the keyboard. But! Here is the relevancy of this to the MISA case. Because it reflects the typical MISA way of thinking. First of all according to them there is no such thing as chance, so this mistake has a divine meaning and purpose, and if I can't see it I'm possessed by demons and didn't do enough of the “yoga”-techniques thought by them to see this. I kid you not, they (the everyday student/believer of MISA and even the instructors) think in this manner and they apply this to the smallest little thing that happens to them. Everything is “integrated” in the divine plan of which they of course are the major part of, because you know Sundar Singh (or Grieg) said so.
The second thing I would like to point out that there is a little application in every office application that does a check of your spelling and gives suggestions of how to spell it correctly. Of course it might not have Romanian but still if you used words from another language of which you are not a native speaker you should run it. Or you could do the most simple and cheap checking, give it to someone and ask him/her to read your text before you publish it on the website. A fresh pair of eyes might notice a mistake you didn't. But of course they know better and because (probably) the typing of the material was done after consecration of the activity, which means for the MISA believers that it is perfect in every way, because God directly works through them when they do such activities (typing this article was probably someone's karma yoga task, which is always consecrated), and so they can not do any harm or any wrong, no matter what that activity is. For some this is a genuine obsession: consecrating everything they do. Because they are thought in the MISA courses that this is the only way for them to break out of the endless cycle of reincarnation. According to MISA doctrine if you consecrate (of course according to a certain formula invented, pardon, revealed by the divine master Grieg) everything you do, no matter how small, then and only then will you be able to break free of the burden of rebirth and reach the ultimate liberation. The obsessive consecration of activities is begin performed in every MISA activity. At the beginning of the courses, before meditations, before activities, etc, and when they teach the students this for the first time they tell them that they should do this as much as they can, just to be sure. This means of course, like you probably could figure out logically, that if this is something necessary, why couldn't you do this at the beginning of the day and be done with it? Or do this once in your life when you hear about it for the first time? The MISA doctrine saiez that you can do this but you should do this as much as you can because of some mysterious reason, because I never found out why this isn't possible, at least not proven beyond reasonable doubt by any of the MISA version of this practice that I've ever talked to. The most I could deduce from other similar techniques and the superstitions adjacent to them is that it wares of after a while and that is why you should do this before everything you do. So for some if becomes a real obsession and they base major decisions on it.
If your not familiar to the MISA doctrine you might be curios what does it mean. It means that before you do a certain activity, for example write a stupid article for yogaesoteric, you stop doing what you were doing before, you close your eyes (if you can't do this you can do it with open eyes) and you say mentally the formula: (Approximate translation) Oh Lord, My Heavenly Father, I hereby consecrate all of the fruits of this action of writing this article to you completely with all it's consequences. Thy will be done. Amen. Amen. Amen.
But maybe the most important element in this is the fact that the article has been posted on the site on the 12 th of December and until now they didn't change it. This could mean that either they didn't notice and neither did anyone of the 40000 supposed students that they supposedly have, and nobody told them of it's existence. Since it has been noticed by one of the exmisa forum users and it has been commented on on the forums, and adding to that the fact that it's in the first sentence I suppose it's not a case of lack of observation. I would say it's more the case of indifference. They put the article there and they leave it there. Only on very few occasions do they make changes to the articles. At one point there were several articles denying something they did and at the same time there were articles that confirmed that very same thing, and denied others. The conclusion I can draw from these behaviors is that they just don't care. The point is to give the crowd the entertainment, no matter the content and just leave it there, because there's room on the server for it.

The funny thing is that I also found on another MISA branch's official site a similar, but even more ridiculous mistake, which was consequently mentioned on different pages. The word is a very simple English word, highly popular in our days, not that difficult to spell, so in this case it's a matter of ignorance. Proud, consequent, smug ignorance that they are not willing to change and what they thing is a virtue.
The mistake refers to the word web designer. It's a fairly simple word, you can also correct it with the above mentioned application if you didn't know how to spell it, but not if your an all knowing MISA member, who is always right. 

But the most ridiculous element in the site in my opinion is the fact that there is a page called resources (resurse in Romanian) and if you click on that it takes you to a page that has the title standardized instruments (Instrumente standardizate in Romanian) but absolutely nothing else on the page. This is how many standardized instruments they use when they give advice to the people coming to their courses and workshops. Of course the spiritual/semi-religious/psychology related workshops are easy to do because people who don't read bout such thing don't know that even these should have scientifically proven, standardized methods supporting them. The MISA branch Dacica of course can not provide this because it would cost money and take them away from important things like saving the world and making tantric love for hours and hours and, hours. But they have the words on their website! That's what matters. They know these things exist. They have no idea how they should look like, but they put the words there because it bring in good resonances for the site and for the movement (MISA), this is of course the spiritual justification I suspect behind it. This is also a MISA doctrine and MISA superstition. If you do a certain action (usually a MISA magic ritual or some MISA “technique”) you can reap the benefits even if you don't have any experience with it or you don't really pay attention to it (like in the case of the meditation “technique” they call Laya yoga and which also in the MISA interpretation means to sit with closed eyes and repeat a monosyllabic word that has no sense and that Gregorian Bivolaru has invented and this puts you in resonance with different deities and things) to what you are doing it's better to do it anyway because it brings in the energy of the thing (the thing you should do but in this case are to lazy to put your attention and effort in it to do it right without stupid superstitions) you want there where it should be because the divine forces know that you need this and of course you are the center of the Universe and immediately they get it done for you, without any effort on your part.