Recommended videos

Here's a playlist I created on Youtube of videos pertaining to beliefs and superstitions common in MISA.
Some of these were very helpful for me after I left MISA and was looking for answers. I warmly recommend these for everyone who was (or still is) in MISA but also for anyone else interested in spirituality, the esoteric and the paranormal.
These are just a starting point and are by no means final and complete answers, but I still think they are more close to the truth and more honest than anything that you could find in a group like MISA.
Watch them for yourself and make up your own mind, but please keep an open mind just like you expect  everyone else to keep an open mind when it comes to your beliefs.

MISA tends to claim to have the ultimate answers via revelation, which I think is not right. They also have a saying according to which your attitude determines your aptitude. I agree. At least in this case. If your attitude to criticism is that your beliefs (for which you only have Grieg's word, or some other form of divine/supernatural revelation) are perfect and can not be criticized because there's the risk of finding out that they are not true, then your attitude well be the same. You will not be able to hear the evidence that contradicts your beliefs, and if you do that and put your hands over your ears yelling "lalalala, I can't hear you" you will never find the truth. You may find a cheap imitation of truth, but that will only be thay: an imitation and a lie.

The same is true if you think that strong belief = evidence and "knowledge". Many people say that they "just know" that this is the right path for them (MISA), or that god exists, or that "I just know that He exists and is watching over me and is guiding me" etc, without any evidence. And these type of people tend to jump into the defensive when someone comes along and asks difficult questions about their beliefs.
In MISA the mandatory reaction is that someone who asks for evidence of their claims or does not believe them or something similar, then that person must be under demonic influence or at least be part of the satanic cult of Freemasonry and is trying to deter the good yogis away form the greatest spiritual path ever.
No. It does not work like that. If your claims are true and reflect reality then you have nothing to fear form investigation and questions.
You only need to be afraid if they are not true. And only then do you need to defend your lies with further lies.
Keep in mind that just because you want to believe something doesn't make it so. If you are not ready to hear a criticism of your most cherishes beliefs then the problem is not the criticism or the person who criticizes them but your own fear of them and your own rejection. And ultimately it's wrong to reject the truth in favor of a lie.

This collection of videos is aimed to challenge your beliefs and the goal is to help you find (or at least start searching for) the truth.
It's not a complete list, nor is it finished but I think it's a start for those who are interested in the topic. 
Please watch, share and investigate for yourself.