A little lesson in argument from popularity for MISA and it's students

According to the official MISA website the MISA "yoga-school" has had approximately 35.000 people that practiced yoga (at it's courses of course not in general, or at home on their own). 
Well here's an interesting little fact for those who believe this and give credence to MISA based on this made up number: 
according to the 2001 census the United Kingdom had 390.127 people declaring themselves as being a Jedi knight in regards to their religious affiliation. 
So in a country with 58.789.194 residents (also based on the 2001 census) had almost 400.000 people identifying as a fictional character. 
Apparently the British sense of humor is still there and makes an appearance now and then. 

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Must watch videos for MISA and former MISA members

Here's a playlist I created on Youtube with a few videos that explain a lot of the things that motivate people who are drawn in and who are members of MISA. It's not a complete list, nor is it finished but I think it's a start for those who bought in all the superstitions and conspiracies promoted by MISA and similar organizations.
Please watch, share and investigate for yourself.


Dear copy-paste obsessed authors @ MISA

As always the lazy or too busy karma yogis who copy paste stuff on the official MISA website that is the only place on the whole world wide web that publishes more than 10 spiritual articles a month are eager to jump on the next hyped up stupid shit in the English speaking esoteric/hippie circles. Here read the revelation yourself: 

Now to me this is old news, like many of the other stuff they put out. So meh. 
Isn't that interesting though that they wait until some new trend in esoteric circles gets big enough to write about it or better yet translate and publish it without mentioning the original author or the source and market it like some "revelation" that only they were able to provide. Not in the age of internet my dears. Maybe you had the monopoly on esoteric stuff back in the communist era but not now. 
With all their paranormal powers developed along the 20+ years of intense and efficient practice in the most effective system: the millennial "science" of yoga, under the direct guidance and the subliminal/paranormal support of a true enlightened master, one would think that they would be at least able to predict which trend is going to go mainstream before anybody else if not to set the trend themselves. But I of course know that this is too much to expect. They are after all only a few cult-members. 

Anyways here's a much better response than I could write:

I especially like this part:  

There is simply no reason to worship women, no more than there is any reason to worship men. Women are not inherently holy, nor good stewards of life. We just haven’t been given the chance to screw things up. If women had run the world from the beginning, I would be willing to bet that we would still have wars and still destroy the environment. (God may have been female, though.)
We’re not a gender of saints, and we are not a gender of sinners. We have racists, environmentalists, fundamentalists, atheists, liberals, conservatives, coffee-drinkers and scone-eaters. We have dark skin and light skin and harbor irrational prejudices, just like men.
Feminism – as I understand it – is not about proving that women are better than men, or about women’s dominance over men. It’s rooted in the concept that women and men deserve equal dignity. And we will not achieve anything close to gender equality if men are not involved in the fight.
And I think – behind the soothing music and disconcerting eye contact – that is the point of the video. It recognizes that men have been benefiting from conscious and unconscious sexism for millennia, and that men have an important role in stopping it. But please, don’t put us on a pedestal. That does not reflect kindly on any of us.
Women are not supernatural beings. If Conscious Men’s apology is sincere, just treat us as equals, recognize past discrimination and seek to make up for it, and I think we’ll get along just fine.

 Mainly because MISA claims to be more pro woman than anyone
What Tantra Yoga has been accepting for millenniums severely exceeds what modern women proclaim.
(while they are most certainly not) and they base this on their holy tantric teachings that have a much more elevated and better view of women than anyone else ever. Of course their interpretations of it not the real one. And most certainly not the correctly interpreted version based on the analysis of the actual original text and the historical knowledge necessary to understand it. Oh no. Based solely on the divinely guided interpretations of a group of people who don't understand Sanskrit, never read the original literature and are in no way competent to do any interpretations. That and the way the message keeps changing depending on the context and the person(s) hearing the "revelation".

Oh and by the way did you know that feminists are Freemasons and are evil as well?
That Freemasonry tries to corrupt the woman in order to irremediably corrupt the family; it accepts women in its lodges everywhere possible; it is the soul of the so called feminist movement or woman’s emancipation, movement that is destined to bringing fight and disunion in families, by vaguely wishing an always undistinguishable reform.

Saving the world by meditating

The end of the world is near. Oh noes.
Here's a little comic to cheer you up.