Aimen Klimmeron book

Here's another follow up to the disscution about a MISA author Aimen Klimmeron, by the wonderful Sharsi on DeviantArt.  

It's official

It's official: for the people that select the over a dozen spiritual articles a month on the official MISA website yogaesoteric.net the only thing that determines if something gets published or not is if it reaches the necessary level of paranoia or not. If it's not paranoid and stupid enough, it will not get published. 
I honestly don't know to laugh of cry anymore. 


This week in MISA (05/27/2011)

Monday 23rd of May 11.10-11.55 - Meditation: Venus in conjuncture with Mars
Wednesday 25th of May 09.30-10.15 - Meditation: The sun in sextil with Uranus. (*must not make Uranus joke*)

Wednesday 25th of May - Kali day


The day of Kali in MISA

Apparently the MISA administration is now so bold after the prescription of the case against it's leader at the court of Sibiu and soon other places that they have no problem putting child pornography up on their official site, on one of the official announcements.

(No) Apocalypse now (or anytime soon)

So the Rapture (or Judgment day) was supposed to come on May 21st this year. Did anyone miss it or was it just me? Well at least according to this old guy* it was supposed to happen then. Now he says it did happen it was just (to put it into a more MISA friendly terms) a subtle, impalpable, transcendental form of Rapture in which God silently judged everyone. So yeah GOD judged us and the world is still going to end in November.
Keep this in mind dear MISA "No apocalypse" program fans, this is the same thing you are spending your time on. That Rapture is just as real as this one. Except that this old guy* has more (con-man) sense left in him to not give a specific date. Instead he drags it on for a while, declares success and a few years later pull it out again and puts his devotees to meditate and perform all sorts of silly rituals for weeks on end again. 

Please prove me wrong. Prove to me that your end of the world is more real than this recent failed one in a long line of failed doomsday prophecies
Please prove to me and to everyone who's watching, that you are different than any other doomsday cult and that your apocalypse will happen unless you do exactly what you say people must do to prevent it. Or, as I'm sure you will claim soon enough, prove that your meditations and your dear master prevented it. Prove it. I dare you, better yet I bet you a billion billion (sugar and GM free, natural, whole wheat) cookies that you can't prove it. And that you don't just claim that your actions prevented it.


(Unofficial) MISA blog and science I mean paranoia

Here's another paranoid and purely copy-pasted without thinking or divine inspiration to not do so, article on the unofficial MISA blog at this time about bees
Sure like good journalists and good yogis they did the double checking they demand on behalf of journalists regarding them. Oh wait. They never do that. 
It's just another case of copy-pasting the latest internet paranoia. Guess those paranormal powers are off today. Maybe there's a need for a triple occult support for the poor karma yogis who write for this little blog. Come on, send a letter to your master and request some spiritual support. I heard it's way better than tech support

Here check out some of the original articles in English that started the craze and a short rebuttal and the original article.  I leave the rest to you, dear readers and I hope that unlike the people who decided to put this on their very spiritual blog you don't stop at a few sensationalist news articles and bad science reporting but read on until you figure it out.

Update: It's now official (LOL) the official MISA website took on the paranoia as well. Sorry guys it's still not accurate. 


This week in MISA (05/20/2011)

Monday 16th May at 12.10-12.55 - Meditation: Mercury in conjunction with Venus. 
17.00-17.45 Meditation: Mercury in sextil with Neptune.
17.35-18.20 Meditation: Venus in sextil with Neptune. 

Tuesday 17th of May Full moon


This week in MISA (05/13/2011)

Yoga camp
The “international” yoga camp in Herculane ended this Sunday.
Video report about the biggest spiral of the camp.

Another video about the unexpected rain that ruined the men's spiral.


This week in MISA (06/05/2011)

I'm trying a new series of posts, but it's dependent on what time I have, so it might not be updated actually weekly. Thank you for understanding.

Herculane camp
From the 29th of April until the 8th of May takes place the yearly (not really)international yoga camp organized by MISA in Herculane.
The conditions to participate are as usual: 2 pictures in a bathing suite (2 pieces for women, 1 for men) and the camp fee that this year is:


Cursuri MISA online - MISA yoga courses online (Romanian)

Cursuri yoga MISA anii 1-8 pe

The first 8 years of the MISA yoga cources in Romanian on the above adress.
There is the possibility to copy-paste from them so if you're curious you can copy from this and translate it using for example http://translate.google.com/ and finally see what it's all about.