September 5th (post camp cultish celebration)

Well the big camp is officially over but of course being a cult and all the good devoted members can't help but hold a separate cultish celebration in order to thank the great and oh so gracious master for the camp. 
According to official MISA position GB isn't reveared as a god or the second after Jesus or a guru or anything like that. He's only a yoga teacher. The only true yoga teacher at MISA at that but hey.
Well here's proof of the contrary (notice the not so subtle hints in the email):
According to an internal email by MISA astrologer Bartha Zoltál from Cluj there will be a special gratitude meditation to Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" Bivolaru for the camp in Costineşti. 
Here's the translation of the email sent by mr. Bartha to the MISA disciples in Cluj. Translation by me. 

From: Zoltan Bartha 

My friends, 

Last night the Yogic Spiritual Vacation Camp ended with a series of meditations among which the apotheosis (at least for me) was "Intense, ample and deep awareness of the subtle, sublime and mysterious energy of the attribute of god God's divine liberation", which was from 20 o'clock. I was very glad to see that to these last meditations many people stayed, and the extraordinary atmosphere generated the sentiment of a divine celebration. 
I wish to announce or remind those of you that already know this, that today, the 5th of September, from 14:00 - 14:30 at the conference field there will be a "Meditation of gratitude to our spiritual guide, Grieg".
No matter where you are, we ask each of you to dedicate this moment (14:00 - 14:30) in your heart to our spiritual guide.
Remember that these revelations, courses, spiritual integrations  camps, etc exist because of two reasons: the infinite love of the spiritual guide, inspired by God the Father and the aspiration of those of us who intuitively feel or recognize this. I wish you a divinely inspired meditation! 


So let's add that to the program of the camp: the final ritual to worship Gregorian Bivolaru as a form of the divine who holds the exclusive key of his disciples ability to access god. Nice. 


Phase 2

After that marathon of blogging all the way through August and the very busy few months before I've decided to take a little break. 
But don't worry it's not going to be like the one before where I don't write anything for months. 
If something interesting comes along I will write about it or post a link to it. 
I've even thought of following the good example of MISA bloggers and recommend articles by others. Of course with the appropriate modification of giving the link and not copy-pasting it like it's my own work. A sort of weekly selection of links maybe? I haven't decided yet. 

As for the future, and phase 2 of the blog, I thought I'll do a little proofreading of the post published up until this point as well as continuing (and maybe translating it to English and Romanian) the series I started to write about the problems with MISA (originally in Hungarian here). 
I'll try to do a summary of arguments and try to write up a deconstruction by topics. But that's the future. 

I wanted to do this for a while now. I have no idea how long it's going to take or even if I'm going to finish it. I'm just going to take a little break now and hopefully come back with more ideas for the future (and maybe less rambling and ranting). 

Until then I wish you a nice, cult and superstition free life. 


MISA and Cancer

Articles like this only prove that all those doctors at MISA somehow are kept separately from the people that write the articles on the official website of the biggest spiritual school in the world. 
Oh, and this is in no way a unique case. There's a whole category of articles like this. Now that's persistent misinformation right there. 
Well here's the weekly revelation via Mahashakti regarding the topic. 
Click to see larger image. 

Related link


September 4th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Afternoon spiritual program
12:00 – 13:50 Conference by Mihai Stoian and Mircea Morariu titled: Fundamental steps in the superior yoga: Dharana and Dhyana.

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: I feel that I am permanently embraced by God and at the same time I have Him in me. 

Special spiritual program
New meditations and conferences by Gregorian Bivolaru

17:00 – 19:50 New conference by Gregorian Bivolaru (2 hours 50 minutes)


September 3rd (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Spiritual activity specific for men
Esoteric Vira® Group (5)

08:00 – 12:00 Meeting of the Esoteric Vira® Group Mahavira Ananda

Initiation in the Charismatic Theosophy Movement
New conference within the Charismatic Theosophy Movement (3)

10:00 – 13:30 Conference by Gregorian Bivolaru – part 3
Motto is the same. 


September 2nd (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Special spiritual program with the occasion of Yang Spiral Meditation®
Meditation in Yang spiral with the induction of the spiritual enlightenment through divine miracle (5), followed by a collective prayer to god the father.
10:30 – 11:00 Entering the zodiac lines
11:00 – 12:00 Forming the spiral
12:00 – 13:45 Meditation in Yang Spiral®, supported in a subtle-telepathic manner by Grieg.
14:00 – 15:00 Collective prayer to god the father.

Special spiritual program for men and women
Special conference for men and women (2)
Continued form the night before. Well at least this is an improvement. In the good ol' days these conferences (the women's, men's and mixed conferences) used to last until the next morning. But these were once the main attraction of the camps and were somewhere in the middle of the camp. Wonder why that's changed?

The tango of lies - MISA and the scandal in Argentina

First of all this is announced as a press release of the Yoga and Alternative Sciences School form Argentina, released in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 30th of August 2011.
Which interestingly is nowhere to be found on the official website of said organization (Escuela de Yoga y Ciencia alternativa en Argentina) And neither is it on this one or this one. 

Well sorry guys but this way you can't really complain that your reaction to the news stories doesn't get a response form the press that wrote about you. Not if you don't publish it on the actual website of the organization and not if you publish it only in a different language than that of the news articles. As of today September the 2nd (the press release date is August 31st!) at 11:30 when I looked it was nowhere to be found on and was not available in English or French on
Just the fact that it's out there on the internet on a website that you have control over doesn't mean that it reaches the people it should. So don't you dare to complain that you did not get it published in the original newspaper that wrote about your shady businesses. 
Now let's see a few problems with the press release that didn't reach the press.


September 1st (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Special spiritual program for men and women
Special conference for men and women (1)
Only people over 18 are allowed in (the conferences all center around sex) and no recordings are allowed. 

09:00 – 11:50 Special conference for men and women 

12:00 – 12:30 Meditation: The state of euphoric polarization in the couple

12:35 – 14:50 Special conference for men and women - continued

15:00 – 15:30 Exemplification: The ecstatic translation into the sublime dimension of the Causal Universe. 

LaVoz interview (MESIAS Yoga aka MISA South America related)

A while back I was asked to do an interview for La Voz del Interior, a Spanish language newspaper published in Córdoba, Argentina. You can read it here. Below you can read the translation of the original article by Sergio Carreras. My translation may not be the best so if you understand Spanish I recommend you read the original article. 

The paper also published this article about MISA. According to the article some posters appeared in the city of Capilla, where MISA's South American branch MESIAS Yoga has a budding yoga course, promoting the documentary "The dark side of a tantric cult" which I also have recommended on several occasions. And apparently it had a positive effect. 
Anyways read the articles for yourself. If you don't understand Spanish try using a translation like or like