Youtube update

I finally succeded in uploading my first video to youtube. You can watch it here
At the moment it was just an attempt and it's an old report about MISA from the start of the big scandal back in 2004. I hope to make some original videos as well from the materials I've collected since I left so visit the page occasionally for updates. Depending though on the time I have, because I do have a life, and no matter what MISA keeps saying I do not get payed thousands of euros from the secret service to write against them (ok they haven't said that about me but about Mahacutra one of the most active people on the anti forums, but I'm expecting it any day now).

Proprieties of Misa in Costinești

There seems to be a confusion regarding the number and location of MISA owned buildings in Costinesti at least to the outsiders, so here's a little explanation.

There are the following buildings and territories owned and used by MISA in the sumertime that I know of:

the commandament - consisting of one smaller one storied building, a large flat type building (the large 7 storied one with the colored windows at night) called Rai (Heaven) in MISA folclore and a small courtyard all within the same court. This has a  multi colored fence around it, you can't miss it.

the so called Shakti vila or the vila of the invited girls (Vila invitatelor in Romanian)- that is on the corner of the street and has a large metal fence surrounding it. This has if I remember correctly 4 stories in total. There is also a courtyard, though not large. In the courtyard there is a summer kitchen where there are also big boxes of tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables stored for the use of the girls staying there. There is a stove, electric sandwich maker cutlery available.

Right next to the Shakti vila there is another building that is called Lotus. There is a metal fence between the two buildings although there shouldn't be in my opinion seeing that they both are owned by the same people. But of course the good old MISA mentality makes it's appearance: the two have to be separated because the shakti vila is only for the special shakti's that get invited there, not for the stupid idiots who work from dusk till dawn to run the camp. Nooo. Oh no.
Here is the place where the karma yogis that help run the camp stay. Free of course. You can't miss it it has big solar panels on top. Their purpose is to make warm water for the people who live there. In reality this means about 30 minutes of warm water per day. It's way not enough, many people stay there.
This was also the location of the Indra mantra initiations in 2008 and where the so called Ayurveda medical helpcenter operated also in 2008. About last year I have no idea.

Next to the Lotus vila there is a house owned by someone else, but next to this one (as if you were going toward the see from the corner where the shakti vila is) is yet another MISA owned land. This has a let's say wooden building on it. It's like a small shed. But this land has a different purpose. It is mostly empty but there are some posts and some lines on it. The purpose of this place is to hand the washed clothes of the karma yogis and the shaktis from the shakti vila. The shaktis also have such a contraption in the courtyard of the vila but this is manly used by the staff (karma yogis) for the hanging of especially the bed sheets used in the living areas. If your a karma yogi and you wash your clothes in cold water (as I said warm water in the karma yogi's living area is limited) and by hand (unlike the shaktis from the wila who have a washing service they can give their clothes to for wasdh and thei recieve it back all nice and clean) you can ask for the key of the gate at the guard of the comandament enterance and hang your clothes there to dry.

Diagonally from the shalti vila (the corner of the opposite street) there is a smaller land with nothing on it, not even a fence, that is also owned by MISA as far as I know, because they park their cars there and sometimes there is a karma yogi posted there to watch those cars. This is not for sure though.

The big yellow tent as I like to call it. In MISA folklore it is called the surrounded terrain.

And finally the place where they hold the so called spirals.

Now I don't know about you but to buy all these lands mainly in the center of an expensive holiday spot in Romania where especially the land is expensive and then build these buildings you have to have money. And of course if the construction was done with karma yoga then it's even more dispicable. The current number 2 in MISA Mihai Stoian is renting out rooms in waht he calls the yoga hotel in Costinesti. Now considering that the Romanians consider MISA a cult and it has a pretty bad reputation all around Romania, I don't care how much they are liked (or at least they say that they are liked) in the places they hold their camps (Herculane and Costinesti) I don't think that a MISA independent businessman goes on and builds a hotel especially for the yogis. He would go out of business wery soon, no matter how much the MISA oficials claim that they have over 40000 students worldwide, they can't gather more than 5000 of them in the summertime and that's only for one day at the time of the so called hiatus spiral, and certainly not for the duration of the whole camp (in the begining of the camp all the participants, including the staff, can be fitted into one large room, at the end of the camp the situation is similar, but then they keep them in the tent even if it's the end of August and it's begining to be cold, this is the thanks for their loyalty) and certainly not for the whole summer season on the seashore, that would be required to run a hotel with profit or at least with 0 expense. But of course from this we can conclude that Mr. Stoian is renting out the rooms in the ashram. Ashram that was probably built with karma yoga (aka for free) and for the yogis to live there, not for the personal profit of one Mr. Stoian. And they say that they don't use illegal workforce and that they are a non-profit organization. Not to mention super spiritual people who are not attached to money or any worldly goods, and they TEACH other people this philosophy.
Meals are also included in the ashrams cantina, food that is made by karma yogis and food that is not available to the rest of the participants of the camp, not even for money.

The anouncement on the NATHA site

And part two of the camp that does not have the yoga hotel announcement in it, but I'm a little doubtfull that they didn't keep that part. It's probably secret (with outh on the bible that you will not reveale where you will stay during the camp)

They should put up a big sign on the Rai ashram saying Mihai's yoga hotel.


The quality of the MISA school's teachings part 1

First of all the question arises: Why aren't there any yoga teachers in MISA?
In MISA only Gregorian Bivolaru has the title of yoga professor. Why is this so?
In the danish MISA branches and in the other Scandinavian and western European branches coordinated by Mihai Stoian there are yoga and tantra teachers. Why are there none in Romania and in MISA?

Competition maybe? Maybe because in this way only he is the one with the superior knowledge and the others are only insignificant copies? But they could not pull this off in the so called western countries because there they did not get any respect if they did not have the proper preparation, they pretended in vain that they have the greatest tantric master in the universe that ever existed and they are his students and this is enough. Yeah, right.

The dark side of a tantric cult

So I finally have time to link this video on the blog.
This report by Danish tv Station MOT is simply great. The Romanian reports about MISA were, in some cases, really-really off and/or simply wrong in some cases and biased in others. But this is, at least in my opinion, the best report about the topic to date. It's clear, very well documented and sufficiently objective.
They (MISA) did not dare to touch it when it appeared, or since then for that matter. Of course every other news report (especially if it's more scandal-oriented), gets pages of official commentary condoning it and crying for sympathy on every major propaganda outlet of the cult, but this one for some interesting reason (I wonder what) is a taboo topic.
So please check it out. It's not the entire picture of course but I think it's a pretty good start especially of you're thinking about going to one of their events or courses/workshops or are already a potential recruit and are at the beginning of your cult career.
And if you are already a member of one of their courses take notes and next time you go to class ask some questions and listen carefully to the answers and observe the reactions of the official representative.

New find on yogaesoteric that I have to share

So I was looking for an article on the official propaganda site of Misa yogaesoteric.net and I found an article that had an interesting picture. It's too funny and the intention behind it is too obvious not to be observed for the trained eye like I have.
So this is the picture

The photo portrays Gabriela Ambăruș, vice-president of Misa. The photo is from her "conference" at the so called First Congress of European Yoga Federation  held in Bucharest and organized by Misa. This was before they were thrown out of the European Yoga Federation. Status that they were wary proud of and that they still sustain even though they wrote some pretty ugly things (we are used to this reaction already) about the Federation.
Notice the halo, like that of saints around her head. The Misa preferred subtle message (that they love to criticize when it comes from someone other than them) that this is trying to convey: she is such a saint (for those who believe in the christian religions) or her aura is so shiny (for those who are believers in the new age stupiditites). It's clear now. Misa must be authentic. It's persident has an aura visible on digital photgraphs. Imagine her level of spiritual evolution, because acording to Misa doctrine auras can not be seen on digital photos and for this reason the cult members, sorry yoga students or spiritual aspirants who whish to participate in the camps organized by the cult, aaa, the biggest spiritual school in Europe (ah that blasted truth keeps popping in my head, the word cult and fraud as well) they have to send two and sometimes three photos of themselves in a bikini, but only pictures taken in a certain period and only on classic film not digital, because on the digital pictures the aura is not shown. How do they know this? Well acording to the oficial statements given by the oficial instructors (who supposedly went through a hard and long theoretic and practical training period before attaining this staus, yeah right) give when noobs (aka first year students in Misa) start asking stupid questions like this. This in good Misa tradition is not proven in any way of course, because the essence of Misa doctrine and ideas is blind faith in what Grieg and his representatives (the yoga instructors) say, no matter how stupid. So their arguments go something like this: you have to make photos in order to participate in the camps in a certain way but only after a certain date and only non-digital photos, because we will send the photos to Grieg so that he looks at the pohotos and establishez if you are fit to participate in the camp (yeah right like he is going to look paranormally of course, how else? at the pictures of their supposed 40000 disciples? He doesn't have time to prepare a 2 hour conference in a years time, at least this is the lesson of the last few years of trance initiation conferences, how the hell would he have time to look at so many photos?), but you should not worry because you will only be turened away if you have a serious condition like schizophrenia (this is also another obsession at Misa, having schizophrenia. Intereastingly enough this is the mental illness that Grieg was diagnosed with during communism. I understand that those times were hard and political interests dictated everything, but still it's an interesting coincidence, which the misa believers should value even more because this is another obsession in Misa). Well I have tried to send digital photos and the great cosmic master did not notice. I also submitted the photos one day and I received the id the next day. So how does this work anyway? Did someone fly to Sweden in the evening after all the photos were collected and took the photos to Grieg for inspection and came back during the night and they made the id's during the night so that they were ready the next day? I wary much doubt that they ever worked so hard in their life. Remember it takes the great master a year to prepare a few hours of conferences.
But coming back to the subject. The photo is obviously modified by the people who put it up on the site, with the obvious purpose of portraying Ms. Ambăruș in the most favorable light (divine light of course, hih) possible. This article went up after the big scandals inside the leadership of Misa in which many of the old (aka before 1989, the big change moment of the Romanian revolution, that liberated the yoga movement from the dictatorship's grasp) faithful students were excommunicated from the organization (cult). She and her twin sister Mihaela are among the few that survived the big cleaning (dare I say detoxing) process. She is also the new vice-president of Misa, so she is beign pushed forward and portrayed as a saint. Literally.


Changes on the blog

When I started this blog I wanted to write in English so that there exists a source of fresh information from the perspective of a former Misa student in an international language, but now seen as I don't really have time to write in English and I write on the forums in Romanian I decided to post some of those posts here also, at least those I consider relevant. So major changes. But maybe I will translate them in English sometime in the future when I have more time. So much for now.

Intelligent thing at MISA

A few weeks ago there was an information being spread among the MISA students that is supposed to be coming from the master is that the north pole of Earth is in fact the geographic south pole. This is an important element in MISA practices, during certain rituals the practitioners have to face the (until now) magnetic north pole and perform the ritual like this. Also from the very beginning it is recommended at the courses that the asanas (physical postures) should be performed facing north. But now  we find out that it was wrong all this time (but of course without admitting that they were wrong, even though thousands, tens of thousands of super evolved students have never realized).
So how stupid is this? It's macrocosmingly stupid. The north pole is in fact the south pole. Oh my frakin GOD IDIOTS!!!! And they have the audacity to put on their banners the promise that through yoga (of course what they call yoga) you can enhance your intelligence through yoga. Like this? No thanks MISA. You can keep your spiritual evolution if it involves such levels of stupidity.

New Misa scandal (sort of)

So lately there have been some new TV reports about Misa. The reports were on the Romanian TV station Pro TV. And the big “mistake” (at least according to the Misa authors) of the makers of the show and the TV station was that it was shown in an entertainment show. They (Misa) say that the reports can not be taken serious and it's because there are some new appointments at the court regarding the Misa case. Yeah right. That's exactly what's going on. They want to influence trials which are only further and further delays of the actual decision making process. These trials will go on for a few more years, a usual phenomenon in the Romanian justice system. But even so. What are they trying to say? The media can not say one single word about a major case that was the focus of the public interest a few years ago? Does the public have no right to know if that thing is still going on or not? If there were changes or not? According to Misa no, only they (as in yogaesoteric.net, their official site) have this right to talk about anything related to Misa and their obsessions, sorry informations from the yoga course. 
Another thing is that they (Misa officials and yoga-students) were also invited to the show but they refused. The official response containing this is posted on the official website. 
But the most stupid and horrible and absolutely un-spiritual thing about the whole case was the reaction and official position of the “biggest spiritual school in Europe”. They attacked, in a wary personal manner, the only person who dared to say they she does not agree with the Misa practices with her name and face public, Cecilia Tiz. They wrote a despicable article in which they wrote some pretty bad thing about her, and in good Misa manner, without any evidence. 
After other reports similar articles appeared, one worse than the previous, and another hilarious and typical Misa reaction is that they did not address any, ANY of the accusations brought by the former students, but simply criticized the background music used in the reports. Wow. And I thought they couldn't get any lower. But they did. They reached such a low with these articles that if I hadn't left the courses last year I would have left now. New articles keep popping up, all with the same obsessions and mistakes in argumentation that I am familiar with, and that have been demonstrated as being false on the forums. But they (Misa) don't care they just keep repeating the same old bullshit story over and over again, like that would make it true. Sorry, but that is not how this world works. It may work in one of your imaginary superior planes of existence, where you retreat when the real world doesn't suit you, but not here where there are normal and intelligent people to who you keep telling your stupid stories in vain. 
The videos of the TV show can be seen here (only in Romanian)
The official Misa replys here