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A few questions

Dear reader,
After reading the above post, please take a moment and reflect on the following question:
Why does a supposedly enlightened spiritual master need to see his disciples naked?
This is the most important question in my opinion in the case of the so called viluta.

Some other questions also arise out of this. Like:
Why are the HIV and syphilis test a requirement for the admission in the camps? Who are they that they require such an evidence from their students? An employer in Romania has no such right. Why do they consider themselves better and more powerful than the government and the police, who have no such right?
What are they doing with the hundreds of naked photos they take each year? The women who pose for these photos do this in order to receive the invitation, and they do not sign any papers releasing the rights for these photos to those who took them.
Where does the money come for the food and other costs of maintaining the vila?
Why aren't the informations about the vila public? Or even known by the ordinary member of Misa?
Why are the supposed 35000 students of Misa informed about these things?
Why is this used as a means of rewarding the women and girls who promote the ideas of Misa?
If Misa is truly a spiritual school, who's purpose is to elevate the spiritual level of our planet, as they say, then why are they lying in this manner? Why are there special and not so special categories of students inside the school? Why are only the young and pretty girls invited? Why is there still snobbery and elitism present among the leaders of this so called spiritual school?


In Costinesti, where the annual "International Yoga Symposium" is organized, there is a vila, propriety of Misa, where each year girls and women from the yoga courses are invited. I say girls because I knew personally two girls who were underage at the time they stayed in the vila. All of the rules were mandatory for them as well. Please keep this in mind while you read the following post. And also keep in mind that according to the official MISA standpoint they never ever did anything that was any sort of danger to minors.

Access in this vila is restricted to the few VIP-s of the course.
I received one of these invitations and I vent to the vila for two weeks. The picture above is the proof for this.
The translation of the text of the invitation is as follows:

"For the woman who has become a wonderful SHAKTI (Secret Feminine Force of Nature) many of the extraordinary benefits become easily possible.
Her supernatural, enigmatic force, to influence in a paranormal way in her own universe as well as in the immediate or distant environment, in which she exists, they prove in an unutterable way THE FASCINATING MANIFESTATION OF THE ETERNAL FEMININE (witch exists in a latent state in the MICRO COSMOS of every WOMAN).
For the wise THE FORM OF THE BODY, THE FACE, GLANCE, as well as THE DIFFERENT PREVALENCES that appear (NOT AT ALL COINCIDENTALLY) at a fizical level of the FIZICAL BODY OF THE WOMAN are every time the reflection of an ineffable INTERIOR NECESSITY (that are already latently dynamic in the depths of the human being).
The occult force of a woman who became SHAKTI consists also in awakening the capacity to boost, to regenerate and to transform easily herself with the help of the SEXUAL POTENTIAL witch is transmuted in a HUGE ENERGY. This is one of the secrets of SHAKTI.
The human being who reaches this ample and deep mysteries of the body, succeeds in knowing the secrets of the UNIVERSE. She discovers in this way that the BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (which is a sublime form of SHAKTI)."


To ____________________
Following the selection made by Grieg we hereby notify you that you have been selected for a free vacation between dd August - dd September 20XX in COSTINESTI in the VILA SHAKTI OF THE INVITED.
The accommodation, the meals, and the camp fee is free for you.
It will be necessary for you only to do the HIV and SYPHILIS tests before you come to the camp and to have the photos for the ID.
You will present the invitation at the COMMANDAMENT OF THE CAMP in order to receive the access ID.
This invitation is personal and not transmissible, it is valid only for the month of AUGUST 20xx between mm dd.
In case you do not wish to accept this invitation please announce us at the following address: purplechoise@yahoo.com because the places in the vila are limited.



Once we arrived at Costinesti and went to the so called Comandament, where the participants of the Symposium pick up their id's, we were sent to the vila. There we waited in one of the hallways for about 2 hours. In the meantime we were given to read a two page rulebook of the vila. This was taken away by the organizers after we entered the next room.
There we were put to swear that we will respect the rules. The invitation was taken away, and we had to give something important that was ours (our Id's for example) that we were assured will receive back when we leave.
We were also informed that the following day there will be a photo session in which we have to participate or our invitation is revoked and we will have to leave. The photo session consisted of nude photos and a nude short film in which we had to turn around once slowly while one of the organizer girls read out aloud our name, year of yoga course, horoscope, nitya, and place of residence. After the photo session we were sent in a room and we had to fill out a form.
In the form we had to write various personal information, and we had to answer a bunch of questions. Among others we had to write precisely when we will have time to go to Sweden to meet with Grieg, Gregorian Bivolaru, the so called spiritual leader of Misa. And we had to answer with yes or no to a question which was approximately as follows: If I will not participate (for whatever reason) in the two meditations with Grieg, specially offered for the girls in this vila, I consider that I do not deserve to be here, now or in the future.

We were told which are our rooms and we were sent on our merry way.
Among our obligations was to participate in certain special conferences that were programed in specific days. The presence was obligatory. There was such a conference at approximately two days. They took in account the other big events in the program of the camp. On these occasions there were no such conferences.
The conferences were in form of a video, on which Ms. Aida Calin the major Shakti Group coordinator from the capital, talked about various themes, all sexually related. All of these videos were recorded in the vila we were in on a previous occasion. After each such conference we had to watch a porno movie. And after that there was a seven minute meditation with the great cosmic power Tripura Sundari in order to sublimate the sexual energy awoken by the movie.

If we wanted to leave the vila for the night we had to announce the organizers. There was a special notebook for this.

The camp fee, the materials, and the food were included. The girls at the vila had access to absolutely every event for free. Or should I say at the expense of the paying participants of the camp.
In the vila on every floor (there are 4 floors) was a refrigerator, which was filled every morning with sweets, cheese, dairy. In the court, which was covered by a big yellow plastic and surrounded by a metal fence from every side, there was a sink, a stove, and boxes filled with potatoes, tomatoes, and bread backed in the mess hall across the street, by and for the karma yogi's who participated in the organizing of the camp. Every other day a truck came and brought melons which were put out in the court also. Everyone from the vila could eat anything, anytime, as much as she liked.
The girls also had access to the mess hall and received two hot meals a day, for free, of course.
We also received the whole package (books, Cd-s, and so on) that was given at the camp.
Before we left we received another package with the message "It's from Grieg." which also contained books, Cd's and a special underwear: a pair of fetish style panties.
The rooms were various in size. There were rooms in which 14 or so girls stayed. There were common bathrooms on each floor. On the ground floor the shower cabins were made in such away in which you could see the others. There were no shower curtains or doors, or anything.
Hot water was very rare. There were solar panels on the top of the building, but we had hot water only  rarely, and for short amounts of time.
There was also a special room where you could make an appointment to receive a massage (erotic of course), which could be also used by couples (only girls from the vila of course) for a special tantric meeting.
Most of the girls there knew each other from past years. Most of them were from the capital and lived in the Misa ashrams. They also were in some way or another connected to the VIP organizers of the camp. This was the real cause of their invitation, not the special selection made by Grieg that was perpetuated at the Misa folklore. The majority of the girls had participated in the organizing of some Misa propaganda activity, and this was their reward.
There were probably girls that were selected based on the preferences of the master, but the majority were from this category.
Men were not allowed to enter the vila. Except for the guy who took out the garbage and the VIPs of organizing. There was female members of the so called Order team guarding the entrance at all times. The girls from the vila had a special pink id, that said invitation on it, and based on which they could enter the vila. Every time someone who wished to leave the vila, they were searched, so they don't take anything from the vila. Every room was equipped with a stereo, portable CD player (some of them with TV's, in which we watched the conferences and pornos), Cd's, books. In the baths there were deodorants, perfumes available for everyone to use. Each of these items had the inscription "Vila invitatelor" written on them. These could be used by everyone, but could not be taken out of the vila.
There was a program based on which each room on each floor was for cleaning service on each day. The girls who stood in this room had the obligation to bring the sweets and other food to the refrigerator on their floor in the morning, clean the bathroom on the floor and the hallway. There were vacuum cleaners available. The vila also had a wash-room to which the girls in the vila could give their laundry for washing. They could not use these washing machines, they had to give it to someone, and would have their clothes back the next day.

Before you left the vila you had to do another photo session, and video shoot. The procedure was the same. If you did not participate in this, you did not get your ID back, and were intimidated with loosing the possibility to return to the vila in the following years.

The girls in the vila were from other countries as well, not just Romania. And some were from very small years of yoga course (1-2 etc).

Swearing on the Bible

Lately they took up the following habit:
anything and everything you wish to participate in requires you to swear on the Bible with approximately the following formula

"I swear in front of God, on my health and my future spiritual evolution, that I will not reveal the secrets I am about to learn/the details of this initiation that I will receive today, except for my spiritual leader and the other participants of this initiation. So help me God. Amen. Amen. Amen."

My background

The PR specialists at the official Misa site and propaganda office like to say that all those who do not agree with them or criticize them are members of the so called freemasonry, or are former spies of the Romanian secret service, payed by the latter to write against Misa. More on that later.
At this time I would like to state that I was never a member of the Romanian secret service, I never had any sort of conscious contact with any of their employees, I never have (and my purpose is not to receive in the future)any form of remuneration, payment, reward, or any sort of benefit from them.
The purpose of this blog is to inform everyone who is currently at one of the Misa courses, or is planing to go.
I write the blog in English so that not only those who are from Romania can understand it. In Romania there are 3 forums/sites where you can read about the experiences of former students of Misa. Misa has several branches in other countries where the people don't understand Romanian. For those of you who would still be interested in the original sites you can find the links to them here, they have English pages as well (or just simply write in English people will understand and respond to you), but for those pages for which you don't find an English version, I recommend google translate. It does a pretty good job of translating.

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