Newsflash dear cult members

The mass media, aka the written/printed press, any online publication on the internet of the planet Earth, any of the radio stations or tv stations of the aforementioned planet have absolutely no obligation to publish your fan-fiction. You know like the ones you mentioned here

Until you provide evidence of the truth contents of these truly sensational claims (the entire planet is conspiring against your precious leader for decades) this remains at best fan-fiction. 
At worst it is just another series of manipulative brainwashing material that you publish only for the members of your cult. Sorry if it seems like that, but if something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and behaves like a duck, then it can be said that that thing is a duck. 

I do not care if the said news was actually published because of political motivations, what I care about is that simply publishing an article on your own website, with the same language as all of your propaganda pieces and calling that evidence of the political motivations behind the fact that not every single human being on the planet bows down to the awesomeness that your brainwashed cult members perceive Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" Bivolaru to be, is not evidence of political motives behind your so called persecution, it is simply a propaganda piece for internal use only. You know like those three porn movies you admitted to have made. Should we take it that these are also written only for less than a dozen people and your guru substitute Monica Dascălu can count the total number of people who ever read them on one hand? 
The problem of the victims disciples not reading the copy-pasta of others courses is an old and famous one among cult members. I wonder how many of the MISA affiliates actually read these press releases. 

Claiming that this and only this (the omnipresent persecution of MISA with no fault of their own) is the absolute truth is a clear message to your cult members victims that you think that they are so stupid that they can't see through such an obvious lie. Basically by doing this you, the so called press office of MISA is calling everyone who believes their shit stupid, naive and easily manipulable. 

Dear cult members, and this time I say this with all the love in my heart, please wake up already and see exactly who is trying to manipulate you: the mass media or the "press office" of MISA. 

Then there are all the stories of how MISA and people in important positions in the cult have used their power to send manifestations of the divine feminine to certain political figures, etc to enlighten them (aka to get them to do their bidding) or all the divine support they offer up for money (this is not a euphemism, I'm referring to valid Romanian currency, in cash) and all the rest of the super secret and super important and super divine groups that MISA organizes regularly in the same buildings where the yoga and ayurveda courses are held, and it is led by the same group of MISA authorized people with the same language and selling point aka it is supported by Grieg or it is in the school's interest etc. 
At best this is a result of years, if not decades of making political enemies. Again nothing divine here, all very well accountable with stupid decisions that the important people in the cult made. No divine purpose, no global conspiracy, no persecution, maybe just karma. 
Well at least the colloquial karma, because sorry to burst your bubble but the supernatural belief of karma is just as much bullshit as any other extraordinary claim made in MISA. Oh and it doesn't matter if that's not where you first heard of it. There's still no evidence for it and your wrong to believe in it. 

But that is mostly here say (except the part with divine influence bought with cash which I was personally part of) and I don't really have time for any more. These are just a few thought of mine on the divine thief that cried out when he himself was robbed.