This is a contrail, a nice colored one, enjoy!

So there we go again. Someone from the Misa vip section is reading a little bit too much crazy conspiracy websites (with a bias for the US kind) and so another amazing (not really) shocking (LOL) unique (ROLMF) revelations (copy-pasta) are made for the students of the Romanian conspiracy theories group spiritual school via articles on their official website and nonofficial blog.
What should make you laugh (or cry) is the fact that they still are claiming non-profit and educational status while they are not only not helping people but actively reducing their intellectual level by feeding them stuff like this.

A series of articles about chemtrails appeared on the official website for the biggest yoga school in Europe (*sarcasm*).
A few by the spiritual mentor of the school Gregorian "Magnus Aurolson"/Grieg Bivolaru
A few by some other people (under pseudonyms, as always)
One in french
And finally a few pictures claimed to be photos by the readers of this divine site

Links provided in the description of the above video:
What is a contrail and how does it form?
Better Ways To Engineer Earth's Climate To Prevent Dangerous Global Warming
Wikipedia about contrails

So as we see again spirituality @ Misa = wasting your precious time and scaring you with things that you should know are quite normal. Thanks.