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Our dear misans love their optical illusions and forced coincidences to justify their beliefs and stupidity.
Here's a nice example.
Take one misan photographer blessed by the (multiple)gods adored at MISA and give him a camera.
He likes taking pretty pictures and puts them on his blog
And he hints that the interesting, and actually pretty light effect seen in them are due to some miracle and a special sign by one of these goddesses or should I say godASSES that his gang is the coolest in the univers on all phisical and spiritual planes.
Why they have to play such games and why can't the godedess in question (the indian goddess Kali) descend or appear (I don't know what they are supposed to do) and tell everyone that "I, the goddess (pardon misan term missing, cosmic power) support this organisation and everything they do."
is beyond me. That is all they would need. Why wont they pray day and night for something like this, because they do 24 hour "spiritual" marathons (ștafetă) for lesser things. But hey, it seem s to make sens to them.

But still. The guy is either ignorant (which can be cured by a little studying) or willingly misleading (for which there is no cure). The effect has probably something to do with the sunlight. I'we seen this many-many times before and if you don't have it but really need it for marketing purposes, oh say the "International" yoga conference in Bucharest organised by MISA?
Congres, source:

you can manipulate the picture with certain softwares (like Photoshop) to make that happen.
Here's a demonstration. This took about 10 minutes (including the time to google it and select an appropriate picture).


And I'm not the professional photographer who has all day at his disposal to do things like this.

Oh but I forget. Digital cameras are pure EVIL and the "oh so spiritual", "oh so pure" misans only use analog cameras.
My mistake then. But wait the picture is on a website so it's digital. So ......