A few thoughts regarding the ending of the case at Sibiu

So the court has decided to not convict GB. The did not say that he was innocent, but they did not condemn him. This makes me a bit sad, and a disappointed in the justice system, not like I was expecting that a miracle will happen and the result would be against GB. Alright, but that's not the point. I personally was not hurt by GB in the manner that he is accused in these cases (and of course this does not mean that this didn't happen to anyone on this Universe!), my problem is with the dogma promoted by MISA and the way of thinking perpetuated by them. And because they perceive that this is a HUGE win for their case (it is not) they will become even more smug and continue in their ways as until now. This is sad, because as an organization (especially one as large as they are saying they are aka over 30000 students, in reality at most 6000) should have changes, this is normal. An organization, and especially it's leaders should have periodical examinations and evaluations of their performance and effectiveness. Not only in so called spiritual schools but also in companies. This is a normal and common practice in organizational context, but not so in a cult, and the cult that MISA is. They are sure they are right and after this will almost certainly yell this example at anyone who criticize them from now on. This is a sad phenomenon and it is one of the most disgusting aspects that I experienced in MISA. Even if they wouldn't claim to be all knowing and enlightened at least the common decency should make them realize that this is not a good attitude. But sadly they never learn. And if someone in MISA learns and understands this and it's consequences, he or she will not be able to continue as before inside the cult. They either would have to leave or to lie to themselves that these "minor" facts and consequences do not matter. I fell under the lather category until recently, but luckily for the internet and what I read in this period of doubt made me realize that I have to take the step to the first stage.

The result of the court case at Sibiu

The decision in the first degree is that GB is innocent, well sort of. The court didn't exactly say that he is innocent, but some judicial term I don't really understand, but  it means  something in the lines of we can't decide and suspend the case (or decide not to pursue the matter further).
And how did this come across on the major channel of truth or better known as the website and blog of the greatest spiritual school in the universe.
Well let's see.

This is the official page of MISA and the article highlighted in green on the top reads: The result of the court's decision was announced: Greogian Bivolaru is innocent. 
Well not exactly. This is only one case and he was (yet again, just think of Crina Kalec's statement that GB received political asylum because the court decided that he was innocent, in both cases the answer is no) sent to court with other charges as well. 
But a personal note, after this I don't really think that the other case will be more successful. But still after the desperate and hateful articles they published in the last weeks (only in Romanian of course so that the "students" in other countries don't know what they are like), I am surprised that they don't make a bigger fuss about this win. But of course there is still time for that. 

Another example is on the "unofficial" blog:

The sentence with the huge font size means GB is innocent. As I pointed out above this is not true, but just think about the message this send to the reader. It is just childish, like many of their latest articles, but honestly I'm starting to not give a damn lately. 
To be continued.


Another lie from the official MISA webpage

So, how are we doing with the not lying bit of the fundamental yogi principles MISA officials?
Bad, very, very bad.
As I quoted them a few days back when the process was delayed they said that the cause of the delay was unknown. Well this was suspicious because they of all people should have known being so close to the defendant as well as the victim. But I went along with their official declaration. But of course the ugly truth came out on the very same day: they were lying. Lying without hesitation.

The official version of things is still up on their website as I'm writing this but the true cause of the delay (at least the court's official reason for the delay) is known as well. And BIG surprise (at least for those who think that the greatest yogis in the universe who make up the MISA leadership never ever lie) it's not the same as what they said.

According to the official page of the court that handles their case the reason for the delay is as follows:

"Delayed till the 23rd of April 2010, because of time needed for deliberation and for the representative of the victim Dumitru Mădălina and the defence lawyer of the defendant B.G. to submit their conclusions to the file. "

Well, well,  that's not quite what they said on the yogaesoteric site, now did they?
So what can be the conclusion? They lied this time, for a very simple reason in an insignificant case.
Now think about this. If they are willing and capable to lie about something like this, don't you think they would be willing to lie about more important thing?
I think so.

Here is a picture of the official site of the court where they state the reason for the delay of the sentencing. The text's translation is given above.
This "minor" detail was discovered by the exmisa.ro user Mahacutra, who is considered enemy nr. 1 of MISA. Well after such profound revelations (a beloved MISA expresion) I'm not surprised.

Click to enlarge.


Update in the case at Sibiu

So today came the day of decision in the case in Sibiu, for which the greatest yogis in the Universe meditated so intensely. The result? So far just another delay. Of course in good yogaesoteric (the oficial MISA site) manner, the information is published only in Romanian. I published the call to meditation yesterday, but this time I have to translate.

According to yogaesoteric

"In the case at Sibiu, the ruling on the case was delayed for two weeks. 

In the case in Sibiu, today the 9th of April, it was announced that the sentencing was delayed to the 23rd of April 2010. The announcement does not include details and it is a legal measure that the judge can take, in order to have time to deliberate, before pronouncing the sentence. 

the 9th of April 2010"


Update (the above is just a half truth, please read)


Signs of desperation

So, as the final court date is approaching the MISA leadership is getting more and more desperate, and (in good old MISA style) they try by mobilizing all of their mindless drones to meditate and do (incredibly ineffective) "tantric" rituals to manipulate their imaginary friends (gods, and yes all possible Christian and Hindu versions) to make things come out to the greatest a**hole ever spiritual master in the universe.
The following email is supposed to be circulating among the members of the UK branch of the cult, it also went around in Romanian, but this way I don't have to translate, so:

"From: Tara Yoga Centre News
Subject: Special meditation programme to support our Spiritual Guide and our school
Date: Wednesday, 7 April, 2010, 18:44

Dear Friend,

As you may already know, the final verdict in the trial in Sibiu will be given this Friday, April 9th 2010

Due to the political pressure upon the judge, she unjustifiably sped up the finalizing of the trial, and even if initially she announced at the previous appearance that there will be at least one more day of coming to court, the final appearance in this process took place on Friday, March 26th 2010!

The judge refused all legal proposals of our lawyers to be given one more day, necessary for final pleading. This is another proof of the abusive decisions taken under the influence of political pressure against the judge, meant to keep the truth in the dark.

It is significant that through the verdict that will be given around Easter, a sui-generis circle of the Police’s gigantic action will come to an end. This action started 6 years ago with the abusive and illegal break-ins on March 18th, 2004, was run under the name "Operation Christ", which is definitely not a random name. For those who can see beyond the appearances, the forceful ending of "Operation Christ" in the Easter Week has a meaning we should intuitively perceive...

In order to make the truth triumph and to prove the innocence of our Spiritual Guide, in this decisive moment there has been and there still is an intensive spiritual daily programme, which started Tuesday last week, March 30th and ends on Friday, April 9th 2010.

The programme is divided into two sessions: in the morning, 07:30 - 11:00 and in the evening, from 17:00 - 20:30 (UK time).

Those who wish to participate to this spiritual program but this coincides with their yoga, tantra courses, will be considered as present in their respective course.

If you were not aware of this programme and/or if you have not participated until now, you are strongly encouraged to do so now, even for these last few days, as it can make a difference.

The programme is followed in  both of our ashrams.

If you want to participate in Surya Ashram please contact Oana on 07954371115.

If you want to participate in Indradhanu Ashram please contact Olympia on 07908074712

This moment is decisive as it can crown all the efforts we have done so far for the TRUTH to triumph! Together we can succeed!

With Love

Tara Yoga Centre

PS. Please pass this information on to other colleagues/friends within the school who would like to support this action."

The spelling errors in the blue text are of the authors of the email. (Just to show you where all the great MISA teachings get you, an incapable idiot of writing correctly or using spell-check)


The yogis and the justice system

According to the official MISA site (yet again only in Romanian, because of course God forbid the disciples from the other countries should know that the greatest most illuminated most spiritual master in the whole universe since the dawn of time has serious legal charges against him and that the end of his trial is coming soon) the last date in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru (or now known as Magnus Aurolson) is coming to an end, and of course this is only because the court is filled with demon possessed Freemason devils. At least this is what kind of impression the article makes. Not too long ago they themselves were complaining about the fact that the case is going on for 6 years, and now that the court wants to finish it already they get upset. And as usual see conspiracies all around.

The article announcing the evil plan to speed up the court procedings

and the article on the "unofficial" MISA blog, complaining about the 6 year duration of the trial

And of course the usual MISA reaction is to gather up fast to meditate, to manipulate God (and all the gods they believe in) to make the outcome of the trial as they wish.

this is a post on the ex-misa forum based on an email that is making it's rounds among the faithful disciples. It gives a typical MISA meditation program (the extra long version) that is supposed to help resolve the legal matters of the master.
The title is a very important announcement.
The program consists of a 3,5 hour morning and a 3,5 hour evening program. Wow! I haven't seen them this active since the Basescu meditation program. (For those who don't know, a few years back there was a vote on the dismissal of the then president of Romania Traian Basescu, and the leaders of MISA apparently made a deal with Basescu's people, at least this was the word among the disciples, to paranormally sustain him, and of course were promised a convenient resolution in their legal problems and money was given to the people who participated, among them myself).
Some of the "rules" worth mentioning is that entrance is based on the yoga course id alone, and the so holly presence at the yoga courses can be substituted with the participation at this event.

So there is a big scare among MISA believers at the moment, and I'm curious how the trial will go.

The yogis and the gays

The following articles appeared on the main MISA propaganda machine yogaesoteric.net (yet again in their great hypocritical manner it's only available in Romanian, a usual tactic on their part, they as in the great worldly known and respected (haha) yoga school that's not willing to post their amazingly paranoid, hateful and of this sort of articles).

Part 1

Part 2

The subject is their usual hypocritical hateful "we're so superior to you all that you don't even see us" style is that homosexuality is not genetic so wrong. This coming from people who support sexual relationships between women, for the spiritual benefits of such actions. Don't get me wrong I, Mahashakti, personally don't have any problem with people having other sexual preferences than heterosexuality. I don't support pedophilia (unlike MISA, just think of the master begin accused of having sexual relations with an underage girl, and the comment of the vice-president of the organization at the time saying that the appearance of an obviously underage girl in one of the MISA theatrical performances filled with sexuality and NAKED people at the occasion of Bivolaru's birthday is not wrong because it was a long time ago and the girl is probably not a minor any more, yes you read that right that was what he said, not in those words, but this was obviously the message), but if people, no matter their gender, choose to have a particular type of sexual relationship, I don't have a problem with that, as long as it's consensual. And it makes no difference if that person is male or female. I'm not that hypocritical to support in a sublime and paranormal manner the sexual intercourse between two women, while on the homepage http://www.yogaesoteric.net/content.aspx?lang=RO&item=6216 of the movement I master there are hate filled articles against male homosexual relationships. Based on "science". That is my other big problem with them. They abuse science in horrendous ways. They either say science is wrong in an absolute manner, that when it does not support their obsessions, and say that science supports their claims and of course than it's great, when they find something that seems to remotely support their claims. Or the other version is that they use hundred (I kid not) year old medical papers to support their claims. Now I'm not saying that every article older than 10 years is wrong (of course not), I'm just saying that something that did not make it into the 21st century medical knowledge is not a good starting point for your argument.

And another funny (and typically MISA thing) is the name of the author. Ramona Bunescu. If your not familiar with the Romanian names, you should know that the -escu ending is typical for Romanian names (just think of Ceausescu, or Iliescu) and the first part of the name is Bun, which means good. So the name basically means (in the favorite MISA manner of manipulation on every possible level) that the author is a good person, and of course this means that you should really believe everything she said without any real evidence for what she's saying.

I'm not going to go into the details of how scientifically wrong, and how bad the arguments are, not to mention how hateful the articles are, I'm going to let a gay man answer the question of why is it wrong to discriminate against gay people for them (the topic is a certain user and the message is addressed to him, but regardless, the arguments that this person (Zinnia) is making are in my opinion perfect for this topic).