Look what I found

So, as we know MISA promises the development of creativity and spiritual connection to Akasha (the memory of the Universe that contains all the knowledge that ever existed or ever will exist) and the divine. So I was quite surprised (not really) that I found the following image

source: http://www.asana-journal.com/

This is a magazine named Asana. Now let's take a look at a MISA publication the so called Yoga Magazin, which is published by the MISA owned publishing house Lux Sublima.

source: http://luxsublima.ro/reviste.php

Well that's interesting. How about those copyright laws? How about that creativity, originality?
The least I would expect is for all the advanced techniques they learned in the past 20 years, they should be at least capable to design an original magazine cover. I guess not.

Another example is the cover of one of the most important books about MISA (at least in their view) is also a stolen image. And this I really don't understand. Didn't they find 10 MISA yoghis to pose for a picture? Or were they not willing because it's not a nude picture, because for nude pictures in spight of the whole sex scandal the MISA photographers like Costică Cojocaru, Malin Oloier, or Pierre Crie are able to find willing girls to pose for them naked, but not for a book cover, about how they were persecuted in the communist era? Come on!
The original image, found here: 

And the MISA version

found here: http://misa-yoga.blogspot.com/2009/12/yoghinii-si-regimul-comunist-i.html