If MISA didn't exist

The official MISA website launches a new challenge, or rather a cue for self flattery: what would your life be life without MISA?

There are two questions (simplistic as usual) to answer:
If MISA didn't exist ... (here you should fill in the aspects you consider significant from your perspective)
If MISA wouldn't exist ... (here you should fill in, likewise, as you consider fit)

Well don't mind if I do.

If MISA didn't exist, I personally wouldn't have wasted hundreds of hours, and hundreds of RON/EUR/USD whatever on worthless propaganda and stupid things. 
I wouldn't have had conflicts with my immediate family as well as other relatives about the fact that I've joined a cult. 
I wouldn't have skipped a day of eating a week without it being dedicated to the burning of karma of the school. 
I would have had a much more relaxed attitude towards food and water. 
I would have not experienced many instances of anxiety because of situations deemed by MISA not spiritual or spiritually not worthy. 
I would have not taken certain risks believing that just because I did a so called consecration I was divinely protected form any dangers within it. 

Now for the second part. What if MISA wouldn't exist now? At least that is how I'm interpreting the two Questions. The first refers to the past, what if MISA hadn't started right after the fall of communism in Romania and it would have not been started by the people involved in those times. 

The second refers to the present  What if the events of March of 2004 would have ended MISA, and MISA as an organisation, or a cult, would not exist today. 

For me personally again, having left the cult in 2009, five years into endless court cases and increasing paranoia in regards to MISA, the difference would not be that large. 
If MISA would not exist today, I may not have a rich sources of fresh internet fueled paranoia and magical thinking stereotypes, which MISA specializes in. 
To get this dose of esoteric hogwash I would have to follow several other sources. But this is also tentative. 

And this brings me to the point, which I think was left out of the possible answers or even question in regards to the topic of what good has MISA brought into the lives of the people involved in it. 
This of course is the fact that MISA is a deeply uncreative and unoriginal organisation. 
Most of, even the most scandalous ideas promoted in the cult, are in fact not original. 
I'm sorry if this comes as a shock to anyone, but Gregorian Bivolaru did not invent urinotherapy. 
He did not invent urinary orgasm or the viewing of it as a pleasurable pastime. 
He did not invent vegetarianism, or holistic medicine using plants and natural supplements. 
He was not the first one to ever speak about freemasonry. 
He was not the first person ever on the planet to claim to have exclusive information form aliens form another planet or galaxy and which are in connection to the future of mankind. 
And last, but not least: he most certainly did not invent yoga. 

MISA is in essence a big recycle bin of newage based, paranoid, misinformed and proud of it attitudes with a hint of Christianity added. 
MISA has not produced a single original idea, not even in the realm of yoga. 
And no, the famous list of all the gifts Grieg has given us does not count because that is much more of an evidence of his (or MISA's) lack of creativity, than any evidence of revelation or originality. 

And this is I think, the most important point in this discussion  the fact that the lives of the people involved in MISA would, for the most part not have been all that different. 

The fact is that even if MISA hadn't existed, the people drawn to it, the type of people who are/were interested in esoteric things, oriental ideas, yoga itself, would have found or founded similar organizations and/or would have been involved in similar organizations. 

Of course the girls who went to Japan or started working in the sex industry to please the guru/follow their tantric path or to fund the greatest spiritual school evar may not have ended up as sex industry workers or gone as far as they have in it without MISA. But they are in my opinion a small minority. 
The same goes for the girls who got rape initiated

And on the men's side, yes a few got rich being MISA VIPs and some started their own scam business without having to pay protection money to don Grieg, but most of the men in MISA got what exactly? 
I can't really tell because I'm not a man, and I was not a man in the cult, so my experience was quite different. But what seems to be the result of being a Vira, pr spiritual hero of the cult is as follows: 
access to women who are willing to have sex with you, often and for pleasure
a longer erection time
the feeling of being superior
and maybe a bit of health because of the vegetarian diet.

And how much of that would be not possible without MISA? 
Almost nothing. 
As the morally superior in our societies keep telling us, morals are becoming more and more loos, sex is more easy to access and is given out more freely. So that's not a big draw there. Sure there may be fewer kinks in a normal bedroom than in a MISA one, but that's what books like the Kama Sutra and the internet are for, for this exact inspiration. And none of those require a thoughtless devotion to a grumpy old man in Sweden/Paris. 

Erections? Well there's this thing called Viagra, but again, the techniques taught in MISA are not original or invented by Gregorian Bivolaru, and are available in other sources of information, so....

Feeling superior to women, to other nationalities, to outsiders, well maybe the latter one would not be possible, but the tendency to think in in-group vs. out-group terms is a deeply human one and again not an invention or a trademark of MISA. 

Well maybe the vegetarian diet would be the only one, knowing that most men don't really take care of their own health. But then again, now there are all the newspaper articles, TV shows and abundant information about that out there as well. 
In the age of information, the people who don't have information are simply lazy. 

And the people who believe that only a certain source of that information is good, and it is maybe located at a certain website that ends in .net and not .ro, well those people are, give yourself a point if you've guessed it: brainwashed. 

The most I think MISA achieved in the lives of it's members, be they male or female, young or old, is an enormous waste of their time. 
Because MISA is in essence that: a waste of time. 
Since it's teachings are not really original, and mostly easily accessible either on the internet or in a library, the fact that to this day in order to get a certain tiny bit of useless information the average MISA member has to go through many hours of preparatory brainwashing, with a lot of simply waiting around (sometimes for 2-3 entire day in a row, without the opportunity to leave a certain place, namely a big yellow tent in Costinești) and then to have to repeat whatever silly and unfounded "technique" he/she learned with such difficulty, in order to achieve some minuscule result and then be told by pompous and unqualified teachers in said supreme spiritual school that he/she is not practicing enough or is not a strong enough believer. 

Lastly my question to add to the discussion is this: do you think it was worth being part of MISA? 


  1. Actually, I joined because I was looking for something more static and interesting to replace my karate lessons with :| I was tired of endlessly doing the same katas and of having to exert myself for what felt like nothing.

    But yeah, MISA is a huge waste of time. Not just from the neutral POV in which re-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for the Xth time might be thought of as a waste of time, but from the POV in which you wake up years later and you realize that you've put your life on hold and even messed it up for yourself for something that is valueless.

    It's not just a pointless hobby, it's more of an addiction, leaving unfortunate traces in its wake. Not worth it for me, either.

  2. Hi, I would love if you can contact me by email, I am doing some research into a "misa yoga teacher" who i met last year, i wont go into details here. please email me. i am not keen to write his name here, as he has threatened me with prosecution for libel and other things i have not done. He fits the exact picture you have built up on your blog, which by the way, thankyou, has helped me so much to realise and get out of this cult i was falling into. Please contact me, maybe u know something about this specific man.