I was a MISA yoga student for almost four years.
In this time I participated in different courses, camps, spirals, extra activities etc.
I went to super-special initiations in Bucharest, shakti groups, and I was a super-special guest in the super-special villa in Costineşti.

In the first period it was all nice and pretty, but things started to become fishy. First the unnecessary paranoia (2012 end of the world, demons, exorcisms etc.) and other stupid beliefs started to bother me. And I started to look for the truth about these claims. I found many of them to not be true. I also started to notice the smug and superior attitude of the other students towards people not in the cult. I also looked into cult characteristics and found that most of them fit MISA a bit too well.
So I slowly lost the romantic view about them.

The following accounts are based on my experience in these years as well as my current opinions about their beliefs, actions and claims.

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  1. What the hell, this MISA is only an affair, as all other public yoga "schools". Besides this it's full of "master"'s obsessions, even a prayer-related book has dozens of naked women all around within of it...we were all tricked to believe all sort of crap (Romania, the chosen country, the end of the world, earthquakes and asteroids coming to destroy all, etc.) But as His Highness said: "He who seeds wind will harvest storm" - have you hear this anywhare? bet u did! Waiting for the storm? me 2!