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The PR specialists at the official Misa site and propaganda office like to say that all those who do not agree with them or criticize them are members of the so called freemasonry, or are former spies of the Romanian secret service, payed by the latter to write against Misa. More on that later.
At this time I would like to state that I was never a member of the Romanian secret service, I never had any sort of conscious contact with any of their employees, I never have (and my purpose is not to receive in the future)any form of remuneration, payment, reward, or any sort of benefit from them.
The purpose of this blog is to inform everyone who is currently at one of the Misa courses, or is planing to go.
I write the blog in English so that not only those who are from Romania can understand it. In Romania there are 3 forums/sites where you can read about the experiences of former students of Misa. Misa has several branches in other countries where the people don't understand Romanian. For those of you who would still be interested in the original sites you can find the links to them here, they have English pages as well (or just simply write in English people will understand and respond to you), but for those pages for which you don't find an English version, I recommend google translate. It does a pretty good job of translating.

Forums for former members

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