A few questions

Dear reader,
After reading the above post, please take a moment and reflect on the following question:
Why does a supposedly enlightened spiritual master need to see his disciples naked?
This is the most important question in my opinion in the case of the so called viluta.

Some other questions also arise out of this. Like:
Why are the HIV and syphilis test a requirement for the admission in the camps? Who are they that they require such an evidence from their students? An employer in Romania has no such right. Why do they consider themselves better and more powerful than the government and the police, who have no such right?
What are they doing with the hundreds of naked photos they take each year? The women who pose for these photos do this in order to receive the invitation, and they do not sign any papers releasing the rights for these photos to those who took them.
Where does the money come for the food and other costs of maintaining the vila?
Why aren't the informations about the vila public? Or even known by the ordinary member of Misa?
Why are the supposed 35000 students of Misa informed about these things?
Why is this used as a means of rewarding the women and girls who promote the ideas of Misa?
If Misa is truly a spiritual school, who's purpose is to elevate the spiritual level of our planet, as they say, then why are they lying in this manner? Why are there special and not so special categories of students inside the school? Why are only the young and pretty girls invited? Why is there still snobbery and elitism present among the leaders of this so called spiritual school?


  1. Perhaps this will answer some of your questions:
    - a lot of the money comes from night clubs, where many of the girls you saw at the Shakti Villa work as strippers and send their earnings to their guru
    - it is perhaps not as much used to reward the women who promote the ideas of MISA, as those who make money for Bivolaru working as strippers in bars or on erotic videochat
    - the naked pictures and videos are to decide who will go and have sex with him and perhaps who could even be of some use to him as a sex worker.
    And congratulations for this blog! You've done a great job!

  2. The questions were rhetorical and I agree with what you said that those are the answers.