Comments about the so called “international” yoga day in Iași, Romania

I don't really know any people from Iași so I'll just comment on the obvious mascaraed supported by MISA.
According to the official website of the cult MISA has “more then 40000” sometimes members, but when somebody asks for proof of this astronomical number the official response is that oh, no you misunderstood. We ment that MISA as in the organization (that by the way is also a lie, because the so called registration form of the association if a false) has only a dozen members. Among who there are people who are no longer connected and (at least inside the cult) are considered demoniac (and to be avoided by the true and pure students of the divine MISA) and no longer active members so the actual people who were on that particular list are now at around 5.
The next formulation is simpatizanți (people who support the movement ideologically or otherwise or someone who has sympathy for the MISA principle). Well this is also a nice formulation. Because this term is also not defined by them everyone can fit this criteria. This is the precise goal of it. This way they can say that if someone who was just walking by on the street where there is an event organized by MISA, then that person can (and will) be considered a “simpatizant”. This can of course be called a long stretch, but it's very common in the MISA folklore that some paranormal power of the cult leader Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg) is supposedly proved by this, and this is willingly induced by the instructors, the “students” are thought this way of thinking, in all this is the only thing they are really thought, and thought very well: to give up all logic and reason and to hang on to the smallest thread of “proof” of the spiritual power of the master and the divine goal of MISA.
But also the therm a person who sympathizes MISA can also refer to a big part of the Romanian population who feel sorry for the “yogis” (but they wrongly equate the term yogi with the cult members of MISA). They do so not wrongly. The video's you can see about the police raids in the MISA “ashrams” are indeed wrong and unjust. But there is a big butt here. And that is the big but of MISA yoginis and yogis who abuse their power and position given to them by their students or colleagues who trust them. 

Another therm used is yoga students or people who follow the diverse courses organized by MISA or one of it's clone organizations. This also can not be veryfied because of the fact that the lists of yoga and othe course students are kept secret from the public eye. There are long and detailed lists made at every course, but these all end up in the hands of the MISA leaders, the students who sign these papers do not receive a copy of it (although it constitutes a contract and they as an organization should be obliged to give one) and they are not made public under no form.

On the Romanian anti MISA forums there have been made attempts to estimate the number of yoga course students based on the adding up of number of yoga magazines (edited by MISA and printed for free by the people living in the ashrams, and which are also sold for money, that goes into the pockets of unknown people) plus the number of people that can be seen on the biggest event of the year for MISA the so called yang spiral in Costinești every summer and the number of estimated students in the cities based on rumors, number of years and size of city.
At the end of this estimation a (very optimistic) number around 5-6000 people is given.
The 4-50000 number according to MISA also includes the students from outside Romania. But the most optimistic number of the total of students outside Romania is around 1-2000. Adding up these numbers you can only get max 8000 people. That is a long way from 40000.

So in all either we use the term member, yoga student, sympathetic person or any other therm there are way less people at the hand of MISA as they pretend.

Let's see a beautifully example of this.

MISA invents an international yoga day (but we can't find any evidence of this so called international day, but let's move on) and they want to show that MISA is innocent as a baby and no one has anything to fear of it and to do this they need to organize hatha yoga practice sessions and to show off their “invention” the so called yang spiral. What must they do? Just gather up a few of those 40000 students.
Let's see how many showed up.

Aaaa, that's 15 people for the Hatha yoga practice. There is no picture of the spiral, so we don't have information about that, but this is still incredibly bad performance.

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