Scandalous news great for propaganda

Since the end of September there was a shocking news going about in MISA and ex-misa circles about a MISA instructor that was beheaded in Japan. First they were silent about it, then they released a statement that said that the news was not true (without any evidence of course, we were just supposed to believe it just because they said it and it appeared on the official site yogaesoteric.net) and now this clip in which the supposedly dead woman appears and states that she's fine and that there's a conspiracy against her beloved and divine guided "spiritual school".
Of course I am a bit more skeptical now then I was in my MISA days so I didn't really believe either side, because of the way they were presenting it, and was waiting for soem evidence. Now that's finally here.
I'd still say it's not what was necessary but it is sufficient. I'm just wondering why didn't they start with this.

But this made me laugh. The statement before the clip includes the following phrase:
"We take the opportunity to to provoke in a more serious manner the newspaper Curentul to a bet: we ask the newspaper to bring evidence to the grave calumnies published. We affirm with responsability and fermly that no one at MISA was killed or beaten. The worth of the bet? 1 million euros."

So they are proposing a bet about something that can not be proven by anyone. Neither the newspaper not them. But that's not the point of this of course. The point is th show that they are superior and better than anyone else and always right. Talk about humility.
And I would be curious where a non-profit organisation gets the funds for bets. I'm not a lawyer but it does not seem correct that they have about 3 million euros set aside for several bets against their enemies.
Or do they? That's not a good prospect either. That just means they are lying and are never willing to pay the bet. One of which includes the production of porno movies by MISA which was proven and I'm not aware of the fact that they payed the people they made the bet with (unilaterally of course).

But still this bet is really really wrong.
First the problem is that they are making the bet after it can be decided. The first obvious conclusion is of course that they were not sure either. They are supposed to have paranormal powers to see any time in the past and the future. Weren't they able to tell before this clip was made? Don't they have contact with an instructor? Don't they have internet, land lines, carrier pigeons in Japan?
To illustrate this point let me show you a little cartoon.

Second they are making bets about the death of an instructor in their school.

Third the "no one from MISA was beaten or killed". No you can't make a bet around this statement. It's not verifiable. You can't prove a negative. And by the way if someone finds one person who is from MISA (which of course is conveniently left undefined to mean anyone from the yoga or other courses, the VIP's of MISA, the founders of the organisation or some other definition. They used this trick before so I'm pretty sure that's the purpose of it) was beaten (also how many times and what form of beating is enough for them is not defined) are they willing to pay up? I'm pretty sure not. Of course they will modify the therms of the bet if it turns out to be true. I mean come on. Over 40.000 people in their courses and no one was ever in such a situation? I'd say the odds are against this, but again they don't have so many students. But that's another discussion.

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