Sensational new book launching by Gregorian Bivolaru (who actually is called Magnus Aurolson now but never mind that)

On various sites affiliated with MISA we can see a brand new ad for the new and improved book by spiritual master*, spiritual school leader**, yoga teacher*** Gregorian Bivolaru.****

On Gregorian Bivolaru's official site. But that's not too bad. I's his book he can promote it all he wants. 
Also interesting to note the editor's(Mihai Stoian) note to the book launching:
"I am very happy to announce the launching of the book “The Secret Tantric Path of Love to Happiness and Fulfillment in a couple relationship” written by Yoga Professor Gregorian Bivolaru, as a result of years of research and deep understanding on the human emotions, psychic and mind."
(accent mine)
The author Gregorian Bivolaru does not have any degree nor in medicine, nor psychology, nor has he published any research in any peer reviewed scientific paper. He is not a researcher. This book can only contain his personal opinions but not research in any sense of the word. What he defines as research is  making his disciples wait for him for hours in an uncomfortable hot tent in August of every year. As for his publishing career, that si limited to the Yoga magazine the monthly/yearly publication of MISA about and for their own students, yogaesoteric the MISA official site and his books published by various MISA publishing houses. 
A former version of the book was already given to the participants of the 2006 MISA camp in Costinești. 

Spoiler alert: it's not that good. It's very boring and long winded full of MISA specific expressions that outsiders might not understand. 

On the official site's front page, nice to see that a non-profit organization for the elevation of the spiritual level of humanity is pimping a book. 
On MISA leader nr. 2 Mihai Stoian's personal webpage
And because of this on the official Natha website where it's in the category of spiritual events. 
On Costică Cojocaru's blog (yoga teacher at MISA and one of the few people granted permission to take pictures at MISA events). 
On another one of the few people granted permission to photograph at MISA events Malin Oloier's blog

Note the subliminal messaging in the header of Natha Publishing House. 
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*Although he actually has never proven that he is a spiritual master in any way, besides letting his disciples call him that. 
**Although MISA can hardly be called a school let alone a spiritual school. 
***Although he technically doesn't have any sort of degree or qualification to call himself that. 
****Although he is now called Magnus Aurolson because he changed his name since receiving political asylum in Sweden. 

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