God please kill all those whom I don't like

In an interesting (and according to MISA beliefs impossible) synchronicity the MISA affiliated Delia Carreon from the Open your heart project wrote a decent piece about the notion of forgiveness on her blog. You can read that here.
The synchronicity is that I just read this after reading the partial transcript and listening to the partial audio of the latest of Gregorian Bivolaru's (MISA's spiritual leader) conferences about the extraordinary good news that over 60.000 people have died in an atomic bomb attack by the US army certain gigantic underground cities. You can download the first part of the conference here. And here's a partial transcript with the most gruesome details highlighted (it's in Romanian). 
Why do I say that this is an impossible synchronicity according to MISA beliefs? Because according to popular MISA superstition (I use the term superstition because this notion has 0 evidence besides the active imaginations of MISA students) synchronicities only happen to you if you are on a right path and are doing god's will. And since I'm writing this and I regularly visit and write on the most demonic website on the entire demonic and preponderantly yang Internet and since I have left the only true and right spiritual path that exists (aka MISA) that means that I have failed certain (but never mentioned and never explained) spiritual tests and I have brought on myself demons that torture me I could never ever experience such a divine blessing.

This is going to be a long rant, so read at your own discretion. 

The even more interesting aspect of this is that the master himself has written several articles about the notion of forgiveness and that has seemingly been thrown out the window.
The events of the last few days have got me thinking and I have thought of a challenge to my former fellow yogis.

The challenge to all of you MISA disciples/students/members/etc. is a simple one. It is not a million Euro challenge like the one's that your leaders and your spiritual guide keeps making for years now, but a spiritual challenge. Let's call it a spiritual test.
The challenge is this: forgive the Freemasons and do at least a 49 day tapas of lighting at least one candle per day, offering it's light for the souls of the 60.000 people that died in those gigantic underground cities, and do at least one blessing for the souls of these people. Optionally you can pray for the souls of these people so that they may go onto a higher plane of existence and be with the gods you pray to.
On the last day of the tapas, the 49th day do at least 49 blessings for these souls.
None of what I'm proposing is out of the ordinary for you. After all you (at least the most dedicated ones among you) do this every year, 49 days before the 12 the of March for one person named Gregorian Bivolaru.
You have undertaken similar actions also for single individuals among your peers.

Oh and do not participate in the ritual prescribed by your master and that is obviously a ritual asking the only true god you all claim to believe in to keep killing people. Might I, the evil demonic one remind you that according to your own beliefs forgiveness and doing a positive action is considered more Christian and more worthy of a self proclaimed spiritual person than doing a ritual praying for the deaths of other human beings. If you do not see why this is wrong you have serious problems. 
Then at least have the decency to stop calling yourselves spiritual people or Christians. 

Now if you actually consider yourselves spiritual beings and feel that you have a relationship with the only god that exists and that this relationship has changed your life for the better and made you a better person than the ordinary man or woman in today's society that consumes mainstream media and has sex with ejaculation or loss of energy in the case of women, then you should not have any problems with this suggestion.
If you feel outraged that such a proposal should even be thought of, let alone that you yourself as a sensitive, spiritual and godly yogi should do such a thing, may I suggest that you do at least a 15 minute meditation on the topic of that. Try to examine why you, personally (insert your full name here) feel that you (insert your full name here) value the life and the afterlife of one single individual that you happen to have heard of opposed to the lives of tens of thousands of other human beings like yourself.
And if you reading this feel the instinct to reject all these ideas and say to yourself: but those people are not like my fellow yogis, they are not like my beloved master, they are not like me, they are evil. They are Satan worshipers. They are bad people. Or something along these lines, might I suggest that you examine the source of these informations and do a little soul searching (a meditation on the topic) and see why do you think that the entire existence of tens of thousands of people can be judged based solely on rumors on the Internet and an authoritarian proclamation by one man currently called Magnus Aurolsson.
Think about these things and decide which group you want to be a part of: the group that practices forgiveness and love or the group that spouts hatred and rejoices over the deaths of other human beings. Try to decide as best as you can and using the tools you like which is the more spiritual attitude: to forgive and to love or to hate and rejoice over the suffering and death of others.
And maybe consider which group is worse: a group that supposedly existed (but for which there is no evidence) or the person who clearly exists and has made it abundantly clear that in such a situation he decided to hate and not to forgive and not to love and has encouraged you (insert your full name here) to do the same. You can do a meditation with god and ask him to reveal the right answer to this question or try to do a meditation with your spiritual master and see of he is actually someone who rejoices over the deaths of your fellow human beings.
Either way this is something you personally need to do. You can not say that I refrain from taking either position in this question and I'll just continue to focus on the hatha yoga practice at the MISA yoga courses. You can not do that. After this point if you support this organization with your time, money or both, you are part of the problem and you are just as unmoral as Gregorian Bivolaru

To help you in this challenge you have the years of yoga practice that you already have under your belt to lean upon, but just in case that isn't enough or you are confused and don't know where to start here let me (the demonic one) recommend you some of the writings of your own school's members on the topic:
Here's Deria Carreon's method.
An article about Angels of Forgiveness.
An article about the art of blessing and the role of forgiveness in the effectiveness of the method.
An article about compassion.
An article (supposedly) by the same Gregorian Bivolaru that held that conference about rejoicing about the death of other humans. (now the logical conclusion after this is that either those articles on yogaesoteric.net signed Gregorian Bivolaru aren't actually written by him and the conferences are after all he himself reads them, or remember those supposedly false and politically motivated diagnostics of Gregorian Bivolaru being a schizophrenic)
Lessons of love for each zodiac. Your spiritual master Gregorian Bivolaru is supposedly of the Pisces zodiac. Check out his lesson in love and try to see if that is what he is actually doing with his actions in the past days.
An article about how to discern what is a spiritual test and an existential crisis (the author's words not mine).
Another artice by Gregorian Bivolaru about the mysteries of sympathy, empathy and a word I am unable to find in a dictionary of the Romanian language.
An article about the heart chakra and it's mysterious aspects.

Note that I only gave you sources from your own school's teachings. No outside sources, no other less divinely guided opinions, but the words sanctioned by your own master. But I'm sure you can find some on your own.

You can leave a comment on this post about your results.

Oh and one last thing. If knowing all these, if you decide to participate in the next prayer to the only god that exists, and ask Him to kill people who your cult leader doesn't like, in my opinion you deserve no respect now or ever again. If there is more than on person present on that malevolent and truly satanic ritual and does not clearly object to it he/she and all the others present are more evil and more malevolent than all those imagined Freemasons that your dear master imagines spend their precious time persecuting him and his little cult's followers.

Consider that.

If you take on my challenge above and feel the need to do a little more then here's the second part of the challenge: go to the event and express your objection clearly and for everyone to hear. If you fail to do this I can understand, fear and intimidation are classic tools of cults and MISA uses them frequently. But in that case at least do not participate in the event. Do not let them guilt you into doing it (they have no right to do so and you can tell them this to their face. If they get upset tell them it's their demons that are torturing them not you) so that they can use your mere physical presence there to justify malevolent and satanic rituals like this in the future.
If you decide to not follow this simple and reasonable advice you are a hypocrite and you should be ashamed of yourself. The very reason that that deluded, literally mentally ill person named Gregorian Bivolaru has managed to have such power is because people like you exist and are doing his biding. If you call this spirituality and you think that there is nothing wrong with this then you are also deluding yourself. If you prefer such a position instead of freedom and love and compassion you are truly undeserving of the most basic of respect. 

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