Mihai Stoian and the difficulties of logic and language

Language and logic are apparently to extremeley difficult subjects for astro(logy)-physicist Mihai Stoian leader of MISA's northern European branch NATHA. 

Here's the latest pearl from his personal blog: 
In contrast to the common notion of a flash mob which is based more on anarchy than spontaneity, and which reflects the current mediocre and decadent state of art today, Anima Mundi’s ‘flash mob’ performances at the metro were extremely well thought out and planned down to the last detail. Consequently, they gave room for the divine spontaneity to manifest, allowing the hearts of the audience to open up to the sublime resonances which the performers manifested through their beings. In a place which is usually reserved for the fleeting passing of people busy about their daily activities, their minds filled with a myriad of thoughts and ideas as they hurry on to the future, the unusual presence of the archangels and angels momentarily turned the mundane into something profoundly spiritual, transporting those who stopped to watch the marvel unfold into a sacred world where sublime aspirations and divine revelations reign.  

I highlighted the important part. 
So Mihai what was that? Something was planned out to the very last detail and that let the divine spontaneity to manifest? What? Does that divine have OCD? Or what? 
Oh questions like these have good MISA yogis going for years and years. The incomprehensible mysteries of logic and common sense. 

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