Spiritual discernment

The day's spiritual challenge: spot the difference between these two texts using spiritual discernment. 

Nr. 1

REAL Doctors, REAL Science, REAL Results!
Dr. MaxMan was created by George Acuilar, M.D, a Board Certified Urologist who has treated over 70,000 patients with erectile problems. He is a member of both the College of Urology and the Society of Urology, and the director of 46 Urologists. He is also the past president of his state society of Urologists.
After over seven years of research and testing in the area of erectile dysfunction, Dr Acuilar and his team came up with the breakthrough herbal formula that is now known as Dr MaxMan : a 100% natural, powerful male enhancement formula.
Not only do men report AMAZING increases in penis length, width and stamina, but they are also equally delighted by the sheer intensity and concentrated power of their orgasms!


And nr. 2
The advantages in practicing sexual continence:
- it awakens a huge number of orgasms (both for man and woman) and incredibly increasing pleasure;
- a state of appetite and eternal longing for the lover, they seem not to get enough of one another;
- sexual longevity;
- regeneration and rejuvenation;
- increased vitality;
- elimination of feebleness, turpitude after the lovemaking;
- psychic balance, increase of creativity, awakening of intelligence;
- increase of charming personality both for the man and the woman;
- elimination of any unwelcome pregnancy;
- considerable decrease of the woman’s period and of the awkward subjacent effects;
- many women are finally aware of what orgasm is (it’s known for a fact that women need almost 30 minutes  erotic stimulation whereas the man is done within 10 minutes in most of the cases)
- breasts natural enlargement for women.
Moreover we get a chance to reach back to ourselves as spiritual beings in a superior understanding of love and life.

A hint for the solution is after the break
The first one is a spam letter from xpyz@yahoo.com and the second one is taken from an article from the official website of the self proclaimed largest yoga school in Europe, otherwise known as the cult called MISA. 

Now how difficult was it to spot the difference between one scam and the other? Why does mr. Maxman get less recognition than mr. Aurolsson? How can one claim to be persecuted by the evil freemasonry for his unique revelations and the other simply shut up by my spam filter? 

And in case you're still a paying member of MISA and a recipient of such spam, why do you delete (or let your spam filter automatically delete) one with no remorse but buy the other's bullshit with much gusto paying for one's harem and or participating in protests in his defense or even try to convince your friends that MISA is just a harmless organization?
I suggest next time instead of long and complicated and really nonsensical topics with Hindu gods and fairy tale characters you meditate at least for 15 minutes on this.  

p.s. I did not translate the yogaesoteric article, that's the handy-work of spiritual people doing karma yoga for the greatest spiritual school that ever existed. I highly recommend reading it though, especially for English majors, because it's hilarious. 

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