This week in MISA 02/15/2012

Oh you people. You're so crazy. 
I haven't posted one of these for a while now, but the latest overwhelming stream of crazy coming from our favorite cult just had to be addressed. 
First off there's this. In case they remove the post it very confidently declares that they (whoever they are, I guess in this case it refers to the general, all encompassing them who are pure evil and who are constantly persecuting MISA and all her branches) finally admitted that president Eisenhower met with aliens. 
And of course it's based on a Daily Mail article. Which you can read here
And even though the reason for which this is silly I feel the need to point out why this particular UFO nutcase article gets special treatment and gets a mention on the second most important website on teh entire internetz (first being of course yogaesoteric.net), namely because it (the original article) declares that: 
Eisenhower and other FBI officials are said to have organised the showdown with the space creatures by sending out 'telepathic messages'.
And that is of course in perfect concordance with the unique and superb revelation of THE most efficient method of communicating with an alien species revealed for the first time by the greaytest spiritual master and tantric yogi evar: Gregorian Bivolaru. 
Oh wait. This was supposed to have happened in the 50's. So is this an admission of unimaginative intellectual theft again my dears?
Wasn't the whole Mystic Lady story enough for you? 
Oh and by the way that bet (you know like the ones your spiritual guide and only a yoga teacher - except that he didn't actually finish any school in the field of yoga - master loves to make, both in his name and in a non-profit organization's name of which he is not even a member let alone a member of the board to be entitled to take on such a bet) to prove the authenticity of the translation is still not addressed at all on your official website. Why may I ask?
But whateverz. You've made it crystal clear on multiple times before that the truth and facts are the most despisable, and most un-spiritual things in the universe and a good MISA yogi stays as far away from them as possible. 

And then there's this
For you non-Romanian speakers that's an announcement for the next spiritual event of utmost importance: the collective invocation consisting of 14 appeal invocations. 
The announcement is as follows (unavailable in English of course): 
Sunday the 19th of February 2012 the extraordinary collective invocations that were done for the first time in the world at new years eve, with the occasion of our, all of earthlings and the Blue Planet (EARTH), entering the prophetic year 2012, will be resumed. This spiritual action consists of a total of 28+1 appeal invocations. On the 29th of January the first 16 appeal invocations were performed, and on the 19th of February this action will be continued with the rest of the 12+1 invocations to which the invocation to GOD THE FATHER will be added. 
And we again see how little of importance facts and truth have to the people responsible for posting these announcements on the official website, because the claim that this ritual was performed at new years eve is simply a lie (article on rapcea.ro in Romanian). Not a misrepresentation, not a mistake, but an outright lie. 
It is a lie because if they claim that the people who write on the website are the only members of the cult who are authorized, by divine decree via a yes stamp on a piece of paper by the almighty hand of Gregorian Bivolaru, and that this is their preferred method of communicating with the outside world, then maybe, just maybe they've, I don't know should have went to the fucking event they are talking about. Or at least ask people. Not that the fact of gathering people together in a room and making them wait a previously unknown amount of time with no possibility of them contacting the outside world is such a new thing in MISA, because it's not. That's the essence of the whole yoga camps. There is more waiting idly doing nothing with not much room to do even a few asanas then there is actual yoga practice done at those events. This only gets worse the more exclusive and more secret the group is. 
If the goal of the group is to in a way force god to do what Gregorian Bivolaru and his colleauges think should happen the amount of time spent waiting increases exponentally. 
You do remember the famous trance initiations where you had to wait for about two days in a cold, uncomfortable tent with not enough space or toilets? 
OK then. 
So this is a lie. Not that I'm surprised, I'm jus tmentioning it. For posterity. To document that not only do you lie to outsiders about what goes on, but you also lie to your students who are told to rely only on this website for information about the "school". And the worst part is that I get lying about copyright infringment, I get the lying about sex industry activities and missuse of girl's trust, and all that, but to lie about something this trivial. 
So what that the ritual was never performed at new years eve. It won't be a shock to anyone beyond year 2 who participated in any of your special events. So why the lie? Is it 2012's collective tapas for the karma yogis who work on the site to lie as much as humanly possible? 
If so, congrats, you're well on your tracks to achieve this truly spiritual goal this year. 

But getting back to the actual contents of the announcement. The article is accompanied by an an image of a Hindu deity, to be more specific a so called avatar of Vishnu
I don't know about you but as far as I know the being referred to as god the father is in no way an avatar of Vishnu. This concept of a father figure for a god, who is one and only one, is a specificly Christian idea. And knowing the usual MISA dogma and the religious ideas of it's members the being referred to as god is the Christian one, and not some form of avatar from Hinduism. 
Yes MISA acknowledges and teaches about various Hindu deities and encourages it's members to perform rituals in respect of these deities, but for some reason I had the distinct impression that when they talked about this ritual and this "god the father" they were talking about the god of Christians and no one else. 
But it's good to know that the yoga school that only deals with yoga and organizes only yoga and ayurveda courses is organizing an event where the god to whom the ritual is consecrated to is a Hindu avatar of a Hindu god Vishnu. 

The being pictured is actually called Kalki (or by some as Kalkin and Kalaki) is "described as the last of the Maha Avatars of Lord Vishnu, who will appear to end the Kali Yuga or the Dark Age" (read more about it here). 
So the whole apocalyptic end of the world, end of the Kali Yuga and the coming of the golden age Satya Yuga thing is still on. Good to know. 
There's that clock on your right, that is a countdown to December 21st of this year when the whole Mayan calendar thing is supposed to end. So dear MISA you have until then. 
And since I'm in a generous mood today, you have until the 30th of November to make an announcement, containing the reason(s) and the third party verifiable evidence to support them. Otherwise it doesn't count. [note: not that the claim of the end of the world as it is today is in any form acceptable and any sane person should believe it, but it's already 2012 and it's kind of too late for the convincing to begin]

Because I'm quite sure that you'll call off this entire end of the world by then. Probably during the Costineşti camp. 
I'm no prophet but I can say with a quite large amount of confidence that that's when you'll make some big announcement that is meant to direct the attention of your students away form the end of the world and towards their new goal (and a possible new end of the world date; preferably one way beyond their lifetime) and so calling off the whole 2012 end of the world thing. 

Oh and anyone who is a yoga student for more than 5 years and still decides to stay in the cult after the date of December 31st 2012 is a fucking moron with no shred of self-respect and with absolutely no desire to live in the real world. And I for one will have zero respect for you from that day on. 
No excuses allowed. 
Staying a true believer in a cult that declares a day of celebration regarding the supposed death of tens of thousands of people and who tops that with an apocalyptic message that get's called off at the last minute is simply stupid and if you decide to do this you are worthy of all the condemnation and disrespect your views get in the public forum or in person. 

The only exception I might be able to understand is if you are an actual member of the actual Romanian secret service and your goal is to infiltrate the cult and keep an eye out on them. 
After the events of the past few months I not only would condone such an action, but as a citizen I would expect this form the government of my country. 

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