The cover image of "The Mystic Lady"

So it turns out that those evil demon possessed and just so pure evil and rat-like people who dare to write anonymously against the most perfect and entirely spiritual school - with the ultimate divine mission and who always sign their articles ans always use their real names doing so - have found the original image that was used on the cover of the fake book titled "The Mystic Lady" and that was either attributed wrongly to the author or it was entirely plagiarized minus a few chapters on golden showers the main passion of MISA cult leader Gregorian Bivolaru and who has been working very hard on getting this particular fetish not only accepted but made mandatory in current society. 

Hey I'm all for your sexual liberty, old man, and you can do what ever you can convince your 5000+ lovers to do with you when you are alone with them (or with several of them) but if you guys had your way: 
children wouldn't get vaccinated
meditation would substitute actual treatment
as well as chewing on plants selected by a non doctor and non expert in any shape or form of biology 
geology and astronomy would be replaced with the hollow earth theory sci-fi idea
civic's class would be replaced with neo-nazi propaganda
etc. I could go on but that's not the topic at hand. 

The images published in the official article on the official website as the official response to the criticism  published by (now former) MISA student Mihai Rapcea and which contains an image of the cover of the book (that looks painfully faked at this point) that the officials of the cult declared (in said articles as well as an official statement read out loud during the yoga classes organizes by the cult) that was the source of the translation and that is followed to the letter by the Romanian language edition titled "Doamna miracolului" (The Miracle Lady or something like that). 

The original image used on the cover can be found here
The same images was used on the cover of a book also about tantra by Indra Sinha titled The Great Book of Tantra. You can find it here (Amazon). 
And one forum member noticed the explanation of the symbolism of the image as follows in a passage from the above mentioned book: 
"Page 85: The reddish brown color of the woman (priestess, goddess) probably indicates that she is menstruating. She holds two tridents (symbol of Shiva) in her hands but touches two lingams with her feet; while her yoni is approached by more lingams. The nose of Shiva (blue face) is a lingam; his lolling tonge (often said to be a phallic symbol) seems to continue into the lingam (red glans) on the woman's chest; possibly indicating cunnilingus. The whole seems to suggest a sexual ritual with several man focusing on one woman; especially the powers of her menstrual yoni." 
So there's a nice symbolism there for you dear MISA disciples: the illustration on the cover of one of the most important books for your beliefs if a menstruating woman and represents the sacred and tantric ritual associated with this. How does that supposed to fit in with the absolute imperative of yours of no woman shall ever have any menstruation if she wants to be like our not at all in conflict with thou shall not have any other gods before me Christian faith goddess Shakti or the Holy Ghost or the Eternal Feminine. 
I'm sorry, but I can't be the one that got the impression form all the MISA propaganda that a truly tantric woman, who is like Shakti and is truly feminine, has no menstruation, under no condition and that having a menstruation is absolutely wrong and can have no good come of it. 

So which is it? Did the original publisher make a grave mistake by choosing this as the cover? 
Or did the people from MISA who put this as the cover image of the fake book make the mistake? 
Or was this somehow the message that all that talk of the absolute necessity of you not having a menstrual cycle is reconsidered and not that serious anymore like you know the magnetic north being the geographic south according to the (truly) shocking revelation by your dear cult leader? 

Or are you going to admit that you just threw this entire thing together in two days using Photoshop (or some other similar software)? The truth would be nice at some point. And let me repeat this (like a mantra maybe it gets through to you guys one day): 

there is nothing wrong with having kinks when it comes to sex. Just be honest about it. You don't have to lie. You don't have to make up fake justifications for it. You don't have to do any of that. 
Just say it honestly: I as a spiritually aware person in connection with my deities (and yes that has to be plural) feel that this is a good and spiritual thing to do. 

And that's it. And I will be the first one who defends your right to do so. 

But I will never support this type of behavior that consists of lying and covering it up with another even larger lie and then punishing (and unless you denounce 80% of your beliefs excluding Mihai Rapcea from all of your activities for three years, almost one year before the great spiritual transition into the Satya Yuga to come on December the 21st 2012, is a punishment considering that you consider leaving the cult as a grave spiritual fall and that brings along demon attacks and will ruin your life unless you repent. Literally) the only person you can identify and to whom you can do this to and calling all the others names while you preach about non-violence (including using bad words, tell me again how the fuck is calling someone a rat repeatedly and using negative sounding adjectives when you refer to them different from a spiritual perspective than calling them an asshole. Is it just the arbitrary sounds and letters that make up the words that make the huge difference? Seriously?) and claim you support open discourse in your school cult. 

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