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New developments in the MISA-Gregorian Bivolaru case. And an interesting event from the northern European branch of MISA, NATHA. 

The case of Gregorian Bivolaru was held up at the supreme court and the decisions in the previous cases in which he was acquitted were allowed appeal by the prosecutors and the previous court decisions were abolished.

This of course was interpreted by the propaganda office of MISA as an obvious reenactment of the passion of Christ and his trial. 
But of course this still doesn't mean that the yogis/students/disciples/cult members of MSIA believe Gregorian Bivolaru to be Christ. Or the second coming of Christ. 
He just seems to have many-many similarities with him. Just like everyone else. 

Because the students of a normal, not at all cultisch school always believe that their teacher is suffering just like Jesus because he has demon possessed enemies who want to bring him down whatever the cost.  
Of course!

That's entirely normal. Didn't you used to believe that about all your teachers back in school? Didn't they seem to be persecuted like a supposedly unique spiritual guide who is equal to the all powerful maker of the universe? 

And now for a bit of news from NATHA. Let's see what kind of revolutionary new workshop will they hold now? 
Keep in mind that the cult leader Gregorian Bivolaru resides officially in Sweden and so he's there close by and able to monitor the activity of NATHA much more closer than he is able to do so in the case of MISA back in Romania. So this great new event probably had his blessing. 

It's grand, and as usual way too long title is: 
Sexual Continence – The Supreme Ancient Secret Of A Genuine Sexual Revolution Bestowing Boundless Happiness Upon Loving Couples

Ok, that's nothing new, let's see the details. 
For the first time the ancient tantric key to mastering the sexual energies is practically presented in a feature length film. Sexual Continence is the first in a trilogy on the mythic subject, produced by Sophrozin Studios to provide practical understandings on this mythical subject.
The much awaited film holds the practical key for achieving perfect control over sexual energies and experiences, making you able to enjoy multiple and continuous orgasms for hours without losing energy through ejaculation. The sexual act becomes magic love-making and increase the love, happiness, attraction and fulfillment in the couple.
The event offers a short presentation and after the screening follows a Q&A with one of the key speakers of the movie.
This extraordinary event is included in the last day of the Tantrafestival: Heroes and Goddesses, and is included in the price of the festival, together with the various other lectures and workshops.
Due to this films great value, especially for those who are just entering the age of sexual maturity – it is offered as a gift for all those in the age of 15-18, who therefore can participate only to this pre-premiere free of charge!

Oh. I see. So this is basically a reeducation workshop for cult members and especially geared toward kids 15-18 years of age. Because they "are just entering the age of sexual maturity". And that's when a good and effective cult grabs a hold of them and makes sure they grow up to be lifelong paying members of the cult. Isn't it nice? 

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