"Proofs" of Grieg's "paranormal" abilities

There are legends of Grieg's demonstrations of his paranormal abilities. I have heard stories of this, but thus far have never actually heard when and where they took place and what they actually were. Now I found a source and a date and what it was about. 
Let's take a look at how paranormal they are and exactly how and what does this prove of the grandiose claims made by the cult called MISA and it's beloved leader Gregoraian "Magnus Aurolson" Bivolaru. 
First there is the compass trick. Oh, I'm sorry the super spiritual demonstration by the super and entirely authentic and tantric spiritual guide or guru of the yoga school MISA performed in 2007.
From what I've heard this demonstration was done at a conference, at which I wasn't present, never managed to figure out why, during one of the camps, but I had a friend tell me about it. When I asked what the demonstration itself was, he hemmed and hawed and managed to avoid answering the question. This usually means that the people fortunate enough to participate were forced to swear on their life/health and spiritual evolution that they won't tell others what they saw. 
Understandable as you'll see what the actual demonstration was. 

Again, having not participated I can only speculate about what happened, and as far as I can make out it was some form of video recording (and if you think that can't be faked I recommend you watch any contemporary movie that runs in the theaters. I know, I know, the evil Masonic mass media that is so evil, but come the fuck on. Have an open mind already! Check that shit out for yourselves. If not, don't be surprised if you get conned out of your life savings and because of decades of "spiritual evolution" in the cult) that was a demonstration by Grieg of this "miracle". 

Now let's see what it's about. 
Grieg supposedly managed to move the needle of a compass with his magic and invisible powers. 
Nice. That would be a pretty nifty paranormal power for a tantric enlightened spiritual guide that teaches you yoga. After all decades of hard yoga practice have the ultimate goal of being able to do what anyone can achieve with a 0.25$ fridge magnet. If that's not a worthy goal then I don't know what is. (warning sarcasm!)

But let's take a closer look at this great and magnificent feat. 
First of all it's not that new of a con trick. Uri Geller, the father of all things embarrassing when it comes to the paranormal has performed the same trick years ago. 
And of course was debunked by his arch nemesis James Randi. Just watch the short video below that demonstrates exactly how this can be done. It's very simple. And yes, if you fell for this you should feel a little bad about it. I say a little only because nobody's perfect and at least you'we read this far so now you know better. 

But if you read this and watch the video and still chose to go to a MISA yoga class next week and go on as if nothing has happened, then you're and idiot and you deserve every negative consequence you'll ever have because of your association with the cult. 
After all even your dear master agrees that someone who knows better and still decides to do the wrong thing is worse than someone who never knew. 

 The second one, performed in 2010, was supposedly a demonstration with a so called Egely wheel and we have the additional info that this later one was performed in laboratory conditions with objective observers present.
Now this later legend isn't detailed enough to give the location of said "experiment", or to name the people involved, and I'll skip the speculation on that part. Just allow me to point out that saying it was performed in laboratory conditions doesn't mean what some fans of the esoteric arts or some conman/woman would like you to think it means. It doesn't mean that the trick performed (because it's a trick alright) was a valid prof of paranormal abilities on the part of the trickster or anything similar. Such a statement can be made without lying but still misleading people. This simply means that the event was observed. This doesn't mean it proves anything paranormal
Just like if I observe a bird flying over me doesn't mean that I wrote a 100 page long doctoral dissertation about the mating habits of that specific bird. 
And to hint at the later is exactly what a conman would do. 

Now having said that, allow me to point out that the phenomena demonstrated with the Egey wheel is not in the least a paranormal phenomena under any conditions, laboratory or otherwise. 

In short according to the believers the device
(...) uses brain waves, trapped and collected them with a very special "gear" shaped antenna, as they makes this antenna continusly rotating, sometimes very fast (compare to their weakness) 1-24 RPM! You can take the device apart, but wont be able to find anything inside that makes the wheel turn. Its basically empty inside but the wheel certainly rotates, as better you concentrate as fastest it will! On the founders website you will find further explonation, and experiments. Also can anyone reproduce this effect in a small 1cm deep see thru (plastic or glass) dish filled with water and any little piece of a "marker" that will indicate as the water moves. The little piece of "marker" can be anything (example: plastic or such), but it has to be floating on the waters surface. Then you have to place your hand close to the dish, and concentrate....and the water will slowly rotate in the dish! Unbelivable! 
The passionate believer also declares that
This is NOT bodyheat, and NOT electrostatic (charge) effect.
Of course not because there are still at leas a few dozens of better and more rational explanation then chi and magic.

For a similar effect see this extraordinary demonstration and the very simple explanation for it that suddenly makes the paranormal powers disappear like the lady the stage magician puts in a box. 

I also enjoyed this forum discussion on the topic in which someone suggests that the same effect can be achieved with a sausage if you put it in hot water for a few minutes before putting it next to the device (in Hungarian). I just love the irony in that fact that the greatest yoga guru evar's paranormal abilities equal that of a sausage.
I haven't tried this, mostly because I don't have a plentiful source of income from thousands of my victims followers who not only pay for my entire livelihood but also sponsor my harem in the city of love Paris and even pay for any overpriced obviously fake device I find on the internet and take a fancy to.
But I would be curious and willing to give it another go. If any of you are outraged by this and want to prove me wrong send me such a device and I will test it and put the results of the test to your disposal.

The device was "invented" by a Hungarian thermal engineer and inventor by the name György Egely. As you can see he named it after himself, humble as he is. 
The device has been a woo-woo fan favorite for years in Hungary and it is relatively well known. And it costs about 90$ or 70 Euros.

Now I'm not trying to be too mean, but to use such long time debunked and simple tricks to prove that you are the greatest spiritual guide since Jesus is strange to say the least.
Were they trying to make as sure as possible that the "demonstration" didn't fail?
Were they trying to use tricks that have been proven to work and were hoping that they were old enough so that people didn't remember the actual explanations of the trick?
Or were they simply counting on the fact that the debunking of these devices are in foreign languages and only to be found on the internet on websites they declared demonic and to be avoided thus making sure that their victims never found out? Who knows.

And I use the term "they" because Gregorian Bivolaru did not pull this off by himself. At the time of these demonstrations he was already in exile and these demonstrations were filmed and sent to the yoga camps organized by MISA and were presented there as an official message from Grieg.
None of these steps would have been possible without the  active cooperation of the MISA management, the so called VIP's of the cult. And so Gregorian Bivolaru is not a simple conman, but one with an extensive management that make sure that his stage performances get to his victims.
But not on time. Never on time. For such privileges the victims have to wait for hours on end.
Of course that is not manipulative at all. That's purely spiritual. After all the word spiritual the way MISA defines it is indistinguishable from well known and tried out manipulation techniques.

Now let me ask you this dear reader: does this sound like proof of paranormal abilities?

And do these in any way seem like worthwhile pursuits? Is your only goal in life to be able to move the needle of a compass and turn a silly wheel around? And does it seem reasonable to devote decades of your life and not to mention money and ending up alone and separate from the rest of society to do this if you can achieve the exact same results with cheap tools worth maybe 1-2$?

And does this sound like a good enough reason to believe that the aforementioned Gregorian Bivolaru is the greatest spiritual being ever born into this universe and that he is not recognized as such by the entire human race soley because there is an evil, satanic conspiracy against him by a group called the Freemasons and that if you follow this man you'll come in telepathic (but never ever actual and demonstrable) contact with certain aliens who will not only reveal great spiritual truths to you but will also help you fight the other evil aliens (their rivals)?
All this and several hour long sex marathons with more than willing shaktis on top of that? 

Does this sound appealing and does the above mentioned two demonstrations sound enough of a good reason for you to join this cult and become a brain washed cult member or a shakti yourself?

The questions are not rhetorical. Feel free to answer them below.

p.s. A little anecdote: I myself have seen and tried such a device (the Egely wheel) at a skeptics conference and interestingly enough with all those evil skeptical vibes present it still worked. 
And quite surprisingly when I put my evil demonic, spiritually fallen and payed by the Securitate hands next to it it moved exactly as it should have. And it did so with every single person there who tried it. 
So not only is this ridiculous but it quite obviously works for everyone. So all this "demonstration" proved was that the paranormal abilities of the MISA guru Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" Bivolaru are equal to the paranormal abilities of a bunch of skeptics and even those of his former students. 
I don't know of any other possible demonstration with this wheel besides the turning, so it's not the case that I was able to move it but Grieg was able to do something extraordinary with it. The only extraordinary feat he might have achieved with this device is to convince his followers to believe that this was in any way paranormal and he deserves any amount of respect for it. 

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