End of the world or not in 2012 (article recommendation)

An interesting article about the so called end of the world prophecies of 2012. 
The official statement by the National Institute of Anthropological History of Mexico can be found here in Spanish.  

The most interesting aspect, that I've personally not thought of until this point, is: 

"We have to be clear about this. There is no prophecy for 2012," said Erik Velasquez, an etchings specialist at the the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). "It's a marketing fallacy."
The National Institute of Anthropological History in Mexico has been trying to quell the barrage of forecasters predicting the apocalypse. "The West's messianic thinking has distorted the world view of ancient civilizations like the Mayans," the institute said in a statement.
Looking at this only form the perspective of the change in the direction of propaganda in MISA and disregarding the mainstream beliefs about 2012 this is a startling realization. 
Just think of the latest cycle of events like the start of the so called charismatic movement, all the propaganda about the apparition of Mary and her revelations, the entire NO apocalypse program etc. 

I wonder what the excuse will be that the world didn't end. No matter what the end is redefined as. I am curious either way what the justification will be. 
Will it be a world saving meditation? That seems the tendency at this point with the no apocalypse program. 
Or will they just simply declare that the big spiritual jump did actually happen and only those evil people that do not believe can't see it. Like we saw in the case of this years end of the world star Harold Camping
Or something entirely different? 
Either way I'm curious. But simple silence and/or a simple misdirection attempt with some new scandal for the yogis to focus on will not do. Until then the countdown can be seen to the right and when the date will come and go without anything that was claimed happening (care to make a million euro wager on that Magnus?) the clock will be changed to a counter until the point at which a sufficient response  and the absolutely necessary apology will be published in the same official manner as all the propaganda was. 

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