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So there was that whole scandal back in June which resulted in the MISA/NATHA teachers fleeing from the homeland of yoga, India and they went back to their nice and comfortable home base where not only they are not considered a cult, but are actually subsidized by the city and get monetary support for their activities. Great! But here comes the second chapter of this action saga in spirituality. 
The next phase, let's call it MISA takes over India 2.0 the online version. 

Emanuel and Angela, the perfectly harmonious manifestation of the male and female archetypes aka a male and a female cult member with a certain status in the cult's Danish branch, wrote a newsletter to their victims letting them know that they intend to hold online courses in the future via Skype. 
The classes will also include the famous Tantra classes as well. 
The ad contains the usual condescending instructions regarding the most basic aspects of this event, but that's nothing new. What is new on the other hand is the fact that they are offering it for free, at least for the time being (the latter is not my mean spirited addition but it is specified in their letter). 

In case you're interested the classes will be: 

On Wednesdays for the 2nd and the 3rd year starting from 7 PM Indian time (exactly which Indian time I don't know because it's not specified but considering that their only center was in Chennai I'm going to assume that by Indian time they mean local time in that city)
On Thursdays there will be the Tantra courses also form 7 PM. 

The first class was supposed to be on the 22nd of December this year but I have no news of how it went so if anyone knows about that I am more than happy to post an update to this and write about that. That unless you are not sworn to absolute secrecy about the contents of the course, like you've been or will eventually be in most information given out by the cult. 

And as an interesting tidbit, one of the letters is closed off with the following: 
We sincerely look forward to connecting regularly with you our dear Indian spiritual family again.
Am I the only one who got goosebumps from that last bit? 

So apparently MISA/NATHA has not given up on penetrating (yes you can think of the other meaning of the word too)  the yoga market in India. Allow me to take this opportunity to warn any of you who are not familiar with the group and are maybe considering taking at leas a few of the free classes: 
this group is still a cult. You can signs up for their bs and even practice it as much as you'd like, but keep in mind that they are not a harmless organization. 
You will no doubt be subjected to their extreme paranoia from the get go and they will tell you that they had to leave India because of the worldwide evil, satanic, Freemason conspiracy against them, their divine purpose and their living enlightened spiritual guide of a cult leader. 
MISA is a cult and it has been so for a long time. Do not have any delusions about them. 
They have proven especially this year that not only are they not willing to be nice (by rejoicing over the death of tens of thousands of people and praying for more to die), but also that they are more than willing to severely punish anyone who dares to criticize them in any way (see the case of Mihai Rapcea now former MISA cult member). 
Do not have delusions about how you can stick to the yoga practice because this is not the goal of the cult. Their goal is not to teach yoga but to get you to accept the weird ideas of their leader and to submit yourself to his will and eventually use you for their purposes (for example telling you for who you should vote. The fact that they do not have enough brainwashed disciples in your country does not mean that they are not willing to do this and when they have enough people they are not planing to actually do this. I know because I was a part of it). 

So be careful. You can see what it's about, and I encourage you to do so if you do not believe me, and you can always come and tell me about it (or write me an email) and show me how wrong I am, and trust me I would be the happier if this was the case. But it's not. 

Straying form the officially dictated way to do things is not acceptable. The local branches (and the Danish one especially) are not independent from the unquestionable will of the dictator Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" Bivolaru. In the last couple of years several national (see the watered down version of this here) and international branches have broken off from the cult because of disagreements with it's leader (the latest one is the branch in Italy). And almost all of them were severely criticized by the master himself and were declared demonic and evil. This year they even organized a several day long gathering during their summer spiritual retreat during which the master via pre-recorded messages read out loud his accusations against specific yoga teachers from the "school" and at the end they were supposed to come forward and defend themselves against the accusations. Problem is that according to the only person among the accuses who was present at the event he only got invited (or rather ordered to come) but was not told what was going to happen during the event and he was already not involved with the cult at the time. 
See the case of Monica Ceşa about whom the master declared that she got cancer because she dared to speak ill of him. Or the case of former important cult members Claudiu and Simona Trandafir who also dared to express doubts about the divinity of Gregorian Bivolaru and who were subsequently declared to have failed spiritual tests and demonic. Or the latest of them all the case of a simple student, but one who being a lawyer helped the cult and it's leader out in many cases, but now decided to do the unthinkable and to write a few blog posts on his personal blog criticizing MISA and with the help of a reader of his blog uncovered a fraud undertaken by the cult. This while he was a member. He has in a short time declared demonic and was expelled from of the "spiritual school" called MISA. This and many more cases like this are what's installed for you if you decide to join this organization. And this is the type of organization that you will be helping to promote with either your time and volunteer-work or with your money. I'd say that they are not worth either of those. And especially after their latest actions they are not even worth your respect. So be careful and keep your eyes open if you do decide to join them. 

Oh, and tell me about it if you feel like it. 

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