The latest MISA revelation

A fresh new article on the official website of the cult called MISA reveals to us the answer to the question that has been bugging us ever since that conference by the leader of the cult titled The Good News more precisely why is it alright for people that call themselves spiritual and yogis can rejoice over the deaths of fellow human beings. And here you have the answer: 
volume 6 of John's gospel, where it says that when someone is attacked and his life is put in danger, he can defend himself with all necessary means. 
The above quote refers to the so called chem-trails (for a definition and description given by the cult see the article above) that the official representatives of MISA that publish on the official website declared based on rumors and conspiracy ideas from the internet, that they are a means to poison the population of the Earth, of course motivated by the need of the perfectly controlled and administered satanic organization (in the eyes of the yogis of MISA) called Freemasons and lately Illuminati to do bad things for the sake of doing bad things. 

Something that is not mentioned in the article and to this moment was not declared anywhere in any official manner is the microscopic problem of where these Freemasons will go if according to their own orders the entire planet will be poisoned. 
I have my own hypothesis about this (and I have the decency to call it that and not a divine and unquestionable revelation) that the leaders of MISA believe in the ideas promoted by David Icke and more specifically that the Illuminati/Freemasons are in fact evil aliens that want to take over humanity and that are currently disguised as the leaders of the world. 
I say this based on the fact that publishing houses controlled by MISA published David Icke's books and these books were (and most likely still are) sold in an official manner during the events organized by MISA and the meditations and revelations about the Galactic Federation (or what it was called) of beneficial aliens to whom the Christian students of MISA who practice a form of sport that is in no way in conflict with their religious beliefs (according to the official position of the cult), prayed to so that these aliens come to the Earth and save them form the evil aliens.  

So what is the message of this article? In my opinion, considering the events of the past years and especially those of the last few months, MISA wants to convince it's followers, aka the cult's faithful members, that: 

1. everything that is declared in an official manner by the leaders of the cult is the absolute truth and it can not be questioned irrespective of the conditions ans especially irrespective of the facts that the followers is aware of because such a behavior is punished in the most severe manner

2. all those who dare to express their opinion that is not in perfect concordance with the official position have to be eliminated from the cult

3. the follower has to do everything the cult's leaders tell him/her to do

4. there is an ongoing war between the Freemasons ans the cult called MISA in which the followers of the cult are the warriors of good and the Freemasons and those who are not in agreement with the cult are the warriors of evil or Satan himself

5. in this war everything is allowed and all tools at the followers disposal are allowed and supported by the word of Jesus and the word of Grieg. In the example above the all the tools at their disposal are permitted is supported by a passage from a Gnostic gospel and that has been translated and adapted according to the taste of the cult'l leaders and sold or given as a present in the same cult in an official manner that suggests it is a part of the official doctrine of the school. 

One question remains:
are we seeing the beggining if a transformation of the cult MISA into a group of religious terrorists like Aum Shinrikyo/Aleph

And if so can they still be stopped before they really do something bad against the commoners and the enemies of the cult, declared demonic by the leaders if MISA?

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