It's 2012

Happy New Year everyone! 

Hey it's 2012. You know the one that according to some will be the last one mankind will see. Because the world will end on december 21st THIS year! RUN!

Or the last un-spiritual one according to others. Depends how you want to interpret the end part of the end of the world claim. Aka if you have the balls you say that people will die and major cataclysmic events will happen. If you're more chicken you will say that that date will be the start of a new spiritual, much more subtle change, but that it will influence humanity in equal measure. More simply put it doesn't matter if you can't see it (both literally and figuratively), or don't feel it the change has happened and you're simply an idiot if you don't see this (And of course we don't have any evidence for this, nor are we willing to even lift a finger to do such a preposterous thing. Evidence is for inferior people) 

This later is only a problem for those who claim (and my favorite cult MISA is in this category) that all those who are unworthy and/or unable to perceive this great translation into the heaven on earth era (Satya Yuga) will literally die on the 21st of December this year. 
We'll see about that. And no a last minute change in the prophecy does not make the prophecy more true but more wrong. And all you will achieve with every single modification in your beliefs about the apocalypse and with every single meditation or ritual that you will perform or introduce this year is to turn the knife in the hearts of your believers who are/were brainwashed enough to believe this shit when you first picked it up from some stupid website a few years ago, and who were hoping for a better future or were actually scared because of it. So think about that. And be very careful what you dare to say about the topic. I'll be watching. Not with my big, evil, feeemason, satanic, all seeing eye, but with something much more dangerous for people like you: reason and critical thought. 

So here's the year's first article recommendation that addresses the main claims made by 2012 believers.
Apocalypse not now: 2012 doomsday predictions debunked by NASA. It addresses the more mainstream claims but counting all the claims made up until this point by MISA, most of these are included. 

Oh and another thing: the deadline for revelations about 2012 ended on December 31st 2001. No more additions, amendments, modifications are acceptable. If the claims made until that point prove to be false by or after December 21st then that proves them wrong and no excuses are accepted. 
Yes this line is drawn by me, but it is not at random and it is not because I'm mean. There has to be a line and since the prophets of 2012 have not bothered to reveal such a deadline I am more than happy to do this for them. 
I think one full year is a nice deadline. After all if this all is arranged by some form of personal god that cares enough for people to tell them this beforehand then I think that he/she/it would have the compassion to give people time to finish their business here on Earth before that date. 
And even if this is not the case then it still would be a good idea to have a deadline, otherwise the prophets 2012 can simply put out a statement retracting everything and declaring that it was all a joke and that us evil unbelievers were the ones that said that anything bad will ever happen and withdraw form any scrutiny. 
There is plenty of precedent ofr this so that's a good enough reason for me to not trust them. Sure let's run with the hypothesis that the world will literally or figuratively end on December 21st 2012. But that hypothesis will be put to the test on that date. No excuses and no backtracking. Any attempt at such a move equals to a fail. 

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