A special message for the students of Satya's online course

The following is a very special message for all of the members of NATHA, weather you be the all powerful leaders, truly dedicated slaves of the ashram, or simple students who are "only interested in the yoga practice". 
This is a very special message, intended only for a select few. 
That's because only those select few are stupid enough to not see how fucking manipulative such a behavior is. To such people allow me to point it out that the fact that a group that had to partially illegally flee from the homeland of yoga because of a scandal, who has the more than 20 years of scandals and has a wast amount of dubious events happen in it, which organizes a very special, online class, and is advertising it online via email to it's former victims and/or potential future victims is does not make itself look any better by telling said group that this event is super special and super secret and that they are in "group of selected few".
At least not without normal, sane, non-brainwashed people pointing the finger at them and laughing at the stupid stupid stupid paranoia of it all. 

Is this the latest revelation in your little cult? To be incredibly ungrateful for a entirely free advertisement for your precious online class on a third party website? Shouldn't you have felt at least a tiny bit of gratitude for it? At least in your Anahata. At least in front of God. 

Of course not. Because this is a business for you and bad press bring bad resonances I guess. LOL. 

Or did the problem stems more form the fact that I pointed out that you are still a cult and will continue to be unless you change a lot of the things about how you operate? This latest reaction only supports that my dears, and your spiritual order to your followers to keep their mouths shut doesn't help you in presenting yourself as a pure and innocuous spiritual school. 

Not with things like this: 
This email is only for You. Please don't tell anybody else. We will have a special online meeting. ONLY THOSE WHO RECEIVED THE EMAIL ARE INVITED.
The whole let's keep thing secret is typical in your Romanian counterpart MISA as well and it is most certainly a cult tactic. So either shut up about the manipulations in the media and accusing others of being malignant and Freemasons or stop doing shit like this. 

And just to make things clear: no you don't have to make all of your activities public and accessible to everyone. There is  such a thing as privacy and I support everyone's right to it. Including that of cult members. 

But when it comes to MISA/NATHA classes this does not apply because of the simple affirmation of many representatives of the cult, namely that there is nothing wrong in MISA. and that everyone is invited to come and see that all those evil gossip articles and all those evil calumnies spread about the cult in the mass media are 777% lies and all of the members of MISA/NATHA are in fact pure angels living on earth and working 24/7 for the salvation of humanity. 

And of course you could deny access based on certain criteria. Like for example no matter how much I would like to participate in for example the Olympic games for discus throw I would not be allowed because I am not qualified. Or if I would like to simply walk in a meeting of the members of the board of any large company. I would be denied access. 
And that's quite alright. 
But a online yoga class? And a first one at that?! And I should not point out how ridiculous that looks? 
You are living in a fantasy world aren't you? 
What normal, sane reason would you have for that? Please I would appreciate and actual answer to this. 

And sorry bullshit like: the special subtle charge of the initiation is lost if it is not done right and that's why you can only get it the way we give it to you and you will loose the special subtle charge of the initiation if you talk about it with people we don't allow you to talk to. 
Unless you can prove that then please don't invoke stupid things like this because, well it makes you look stupid. 

So let's recap. Unless you can prove that there is: 
  1. any other, sane reason for doing this besides you don't want yet another scandal and because you can't be bothered to do the right thing and clean up in your cult and instead you tell your disciples that they have to keep things a secret so that the outside world doesn't know just how unhealthy the group is
  2. any difference between a super secret MISA initiation and one that the disciples are allowed to talk about with everyone
  3. any actual, existing consequence to telling someone about a special secret initiation reserved to a select few difference besides you getting bad press again (see also point a.)

Hey I have no problem with you asking money for a service, but don't for a second pretend that this is some sort of special favor you're doing to a special select few in order to further their spiritual evolution. 
Because it's not. And anyone naive enough to fall for it (again) deserves pity and is in need of help before you succeed in conning them out of their money or convince them to take unnecessary health risks based the advice of Almighty GOD their "spiritual guide" who had only a non-digital photograph of them to go on and is basing his entire diagnosis on that. Or to emotionally abuse them with "prophecies" of the end of the world and the various ways they are being poisoned by the evil outside world. 

This is stupid and unfair and I will not shut up about it until it is taking place. Because that's what doing the right thing means. Not to twist facts and manipulate people so that they do what you want. That's abuse. Abuse of power and emotional abuse of the person involved. And neither or those has any place in a self declared spiritual school. You either are a spiritual school and do not behave like this or you are not a spiritual school and you behave like this. And write angry articles on your website repeating certain words with negative connotations about the people who dare to point this out. 

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