Sexual abstinence

I wonder if there's going to be a ban on sex in MISA, oh I'm sorry I mean a very special sexual abstinence program, right before the other end of the world, on December the 21st just like this one, in another cult*. You know to save the world. 
A very special tapas consisting of 7 months/49 days/21 days/7 days/ 7 hours of sexual abstinence coupled with light offerings for Grieg and several hour long masturbation sessions in given times with imagining his face as clearly as possible. Lol. 
Oh these cult leaders and their obsession with sex. And no, an overabundance and an overemphasis on sex is just as bad as demonizing it is. The excessive control and the rules dictated by someone, who is not directly involved in the act itself is the problem, not the permission or ban on sex. 

*And yes, dear Monica and dear Magnus combining yoga techniques with Christian elements and your personal sexual preferences is just as much of a deviation form the original as the practices of the FLDS are a deviation from the Church of Later Day Saints.  Deal with it. After all it's not the only thing that makes your little group a cult, so no matter how hard you shake your head and yell lalalalala-I-can't-hear-you, MISA is still a cult. And need I point out the accusations sentence of the FLDS leader Warren Jeffs? I hope not. 

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