New find on yogaesoteric that I have to share

So I was looking for an article on the official propaganda site of Misa yogaesoteric.net and I found an article that had an interesting picture. It's too funny and the intention behind it is too obvious not to be observed for the trained eye like I have.
So this is the picture

The photo portrays Gabriela Ambăruș, vice-president of Misa. The photo is from her "conference" at the so called First Congress of European Yoga Federation  held in Bucharest and organized by Misa. This was before they were thrown out of the European Yoga Federation. Status that they were wary proud of and that they still sustain even though they wrote some pretty ugly things (we are used to this reaction already) about the Federation.
Notice the halo, like that of saints around her head. The Misa preferred subtle message (that they love to criticize when it comes from someone other than them) that this is trying to convey: she is such a saint (for those who believe in the christian religions) or her aura is so shiny (for those who are believers in the new age stupiditites). It's clear now. Misa must be authentic. It's persident has an aura visible on digital photgraphs. Imagine her level of spiritual evolution, because acording to Misa doctrine auras can not be seen on digital photos and for this reason the cult members, sorry yoga students or spiritual aspirants who whish to participate in the camps organized by the cult, aaa, the biggest spiritual school in Europe (ah that blasted truth keeps popping in my head, the word cult and fraud as well) they have to send two and sometimes three photos of themselves in a bikini, but only pictures taken in a certain period and only on classic film not digital, because on the digital pictures the aura is not shown. How do they know this? Well acording to the oficial statements given by the oficial instructors (who supposedly went through a hard and long theoretic and practical training period before attaining this staus, yeah right) give when noobs (aka first year students in Misa) start asking stupid questions like this. This in good Misa tradition is not proven in any way of course, because the essence of Misa doctrine and ideas is blind faith in what Grieg and his representatives (the yoga instructors) say, no matter how stupid. So their arguments go something like this: you have to make photos in order to participate in the camps in a certain way but only after a certain date and only non-digital photos, because we will send the photos to Grieg so that he looks at the pohotos and establishez if you are fit to participate in the camp (yeah right like he is going to look paranormally of course, how else? at the pictures of their supposed 40000 disciples? He doesn't have time to prepare a 2 hour conference in a years time, at least this is the lesson of the last few years of trance initiation conferences, how the hell would he have time to look at so many photos?), but you should not worry because you will only be turened away if you have a serious condition like schizophrenia (this is also another obsession at Misa, having schizophrenia. Intereastingly enough this is the mental illness that Grieg was diagnosed with during communism. I understand that those times were hard and political interests dictated everything, but still it's an interesting coincidence, which the misa believers should value even more because this is another obsession in Misa). Well I have tried to send digital photos and the great cosmic master did not notice. I also submitted the photos one day and I received the id the next day. So how does this work anyway? Did someone fly to Sweden in the evening after all the photos were collected and took the photos to Grieg for inspection and came back during the night and they made the id's during the night so that they were ready the next day? I wary much doubt that they ever worked so hard in their life. Remember it takes the great master a year to prepare a few hours of conferences.
But coming back to the subject. The photo is obviously modified by the people who put it up on the site, with the obvious purpose of portraying Ms. Ambăruș in the most favorable light (divine light of course, hih) possible. This article went up after the big scandals inside the leadership of Misa in which many of the old (aka before 1989, the big change moment of the Romanian revolution, that liberated the yoga movement from the dictatorship's grasp) faithful students were excommunicated from the organization (cult). She and her twin sister Mihaela are among the few that survived the big cleaning (dare I say detoxing) process. She is also the new vice-president of Misa, so she is beign pushed forward and portrayed as a saint. Literally.

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