The quality of the MISA school's teachings part 1

First of all the question arises: Why aren't there any yoga teachers in MISA?
In MISA only Gregorian Bivolaru has the title of yoga professor. Why is this so?
In the danish MISA branches and in the other Scandinavian and western European branches coordinated by Mihai Stoian there are yoga and tantra teachers. Why are there none in Romania and in MISA?

Competition maybe? Maybe because in this way only he is the one with the superior knowledge and the others are only insignificant copies? But they could not pull this off in the so called western countries because there they did not get any respect if they did not have the proper preparation, they pretended in vain that they have the greatest tantric master in the universe that ever existed and they are his students and this is enough. Yeah, right.

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