Intelligent thing at MISA

A few weeks ago there was an information being spread among the MISA students that is supposed to be coming from the master is that the north pole of Earth is in fact the geographic south pole. This is an important element in MISA practices, during certain rituals the practitioners have to face the (until now) magnetic north pole and perform the ritual like this. Also from the very beginning it is recommended at the courses that the asanas (physical postures) should be performed facing north. But now  we find out that it was wrong all this time (but of course without admitting that they were wrong, even though thousands, tens of thousands of super evolved students have never realized).
So how stupid is this? It's macrocosmingly stupid. The north pole is in fact the south pole. Oh my frakin GOD IDIOTS!!!! And they have the audacity to put on their banners the promise that through yoga (of course what they call yoga) you can enhance your intelligence through yoga. Like this? No thanks MISA. You can keep your spiritual evolution if it involves such levels of stupidity.


  1. http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/earth/Magnetosphere/earth_magnetic_poles.html&fr=t
    "Speaking of flipping, did you know that Earth's North Magnetic Pole is actually a south pole?...."


    Study before criticize...

  2. The statement I was criticizing was that they realized after 20 years of coordinating their activities to the magnetic (!!!yes magnetic)north pole, identified with a compas and now they say it's actually the geographic south pole. I'm sorry no matter how you reason it a compas will point toward (I know only approximately because the pole is moving, thank you very much) the geographic north pole. The fact that we define a magnet's (including Earth) north pole by the one toward which the compas pints, and that is actually a south pole for the magnet does not have a relevance. This is my problem. Only this.