New Misa scandal (sort of)

So lately there have been some new TV reports about Misa. The reports were on the Romanian TV station Pro TV. And the big “mistake” (at least according to the Misa authors) of the makers of the show and the TV station was that it was shown in an entertainment show. They (Misa) say that the reports can not be taken serious and it's because there are some new appointments at the court regarding the Misa case. Yeah right. That's exactly what's going on. They want to influence trials which are only further and further delays of the actual decision making process. These trials will go on for a few more years, a usual phenomenon in the Romanian justice system. But even so. What are they trying to say? The media can not say one single word about a major case that was the focus of the public interest a few years ago? Does the public have no right to know if that thing is still going on or not? If there were changes or not? According to Misa no, only they (as in yogaesoteric.net, their official site) have this right to talk about anything related to Misa and their obsessions, sorry informations from the yoga course. 
Another thing is that they (Misa officials and yoga-students) were also invited to the show but they refused. The official response containing this is posted on the official website. 
But the most stupid and horrible and absolutely un-spiritual thing about the whole case was the reaction and official position of the “biggest spiritual school in Europe”. They attacked, in a wary personal manner, the only person who dared to say they she does not agree with the Misa practices with her name and face public, Cecilia Tiz. They wrote a despicable article in which they wrote some pretty bad thing about her, and in good Misa manner, without any evidence. 
After other reports similar articles appeared, one worse than the previous, and another hilarious and typical Misa reaction is that they did not address any, ANY of the accusations brought by the former students, but simply criticized the background music used in the reports. Wow. And I thought they couldn't get any lower. But they did. They reached such a low with these articles that if I hadn't left the courses last year I would have left now. New articles keep popping up, all with the same obsessions and mistakes in argumentation that I am familiar with, and that have been demonstrated as being false on the forums. But they (Misa) don't care they just keep repeating the same old bullshit story over and over again, like that would make it true. Sorry, but that is not how this world works. It may work in one of your imaginary superior planes of existence, where you retreat when the real world doesn't suit you, but not here where there are normal and intelligent people to who you keep telling your stupid stories in vain. 
The videos of the TV show can be seen here (only in Romanian)
The official Misa replys here

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