The dark side of a tantric cult

So I finally have time to link this video on the blog.
This report by Danish tv Station MOT is simply great. The Romanian reports about MISA were, in some cases, really-really off and/or simply wrong in some cases and biased in others. But this is, at least in my opinion, the best report about the topic to date. It's clear, very well documented and sufficiently objective.
They (MISA) did not dare to touch it when it appeared, or since then for that matter. Of course every other news report (especially if it's more scandal-oriented), gets pages of official commentary condoning it and crying for sympathy on every major propaganda outlet of the cult, but this one for some interesting reason (I wonder what) is a taboo topic.
So please check it out. It's not the entire picture of course but I think it's a pretty good start especially of you're thinking about going to one of their events or courses/workshops or are already a potential recruit and are at the beginning of your cult career.
And if you are already a member of one of their courses take notes and next time you go to class ask some questions and listen carefully to the answers and observe the reactions of the official representative.

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