Another lie from the official MISA webpage

So, how are we doing with the not lying bit of the fundamental yogi principles MISA officials?
Bad, very, very bad.
As I quoted them a few days back when the process was delayed they said that the cause of the delay was unknown. Well this was suspicious because they of all people should have known being so close to the defendant as well as the victim. But I went along with their official declaration. But of course the ugly truth came out on the very same day: they were lying. Lying without hesitation.

The official version of things is still up on their website as I'm writing this but the true cause of the delay (at least the court's official reason for the delay) is known as well. And BIG surprise (at least for those who think that the greatest yogis in the universe who make up the MISA leadership never ever lie) it's not the same as what they said.

According to the official page of the court that handles their case the reason for the delay is as follows:

"Delayed till the 23rd of April 2010, because of time needed for deliberation and for the representative of the victim Dumitru Mădălina and the defence lawyer of the defendant B.G. to submit their conclusions to the file. "

Well, well,  that's not quite what they said on the yogaesoteric site, now did they?
So what can be the conclusion? They lied this time, for a very simple reason in an insignificant case.
Now think about this. If they are willing and capable to lie about something like this, don't you think they would be willing to lie about more important thing?
I think so.

Here is a picture of the official site of the court where they state the reason for the delay of the sentencing. The text's translation is given above.
This "minor" detail was discovered by the exmisa.ro user Mahacutra, who is considered enemy nr. 1 of MISA. Well after such profound revelations (a beloved MISA expresion) I'm not surprised.

Click to enlarge.

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