A few thoughts regarding the ending of the case at Sibiu

So the court has decided to not convict GB. The did not say that he was innocent, but they did not condemn him. This makes me a bit sad, and a disappointed in the justice system, not like I was expecting that a miracle will happen and the result would be against GB. Alright, but that's not the point. I personally was not hurt by GB in the manner that he is accused in these cases (and of course this does not mean that this didn't happen to anyone on this Universe!), my problem is with the dogma promoted by MISA and the way of thinking perpetuated by them. And because they perceive that this is a HUGE win for their case (it is not) they will become even more smug and continue in their ways as until now. This is sad, because as an organization (especially one as large as they are saying they are aka over 30000 students, in reality at most 6000) should have changes, this is normal. An organization, and especially it's leaders should have periodical examinations and evaluations of their performance and effectiveness. Not only in so called spiritual schools but also in companies. This is a normal and common practice in organizational context, but not so in a cult, and the cult that MISA is. They are sure they are right and after this will almost certainly yell this example at anyone who criticize them from now on. This is a sad phenomenon and it is one of the most disgusting aspects that I experienced in MISA. Even if they wouldn't claim to be all knowing and enlightened at least the common decency should make them realize that this is not a good attitude. But sadly they never learn. And if someone in MISA learns and understands this and it's consequences, he or she will not be able to continue as before inside the cult. They either would have to leave or to lie to themselves that these "minor" facts and consequences do not matter. I fell under the lather category until recently, but luckily for the internet and what I read in this period of doubt made me realize that I have to take the step to the first stage.

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