The result of the court case at Sibiu

The decision in the first degree is that GB is innocent, well sort of. The court didn't exactly say that he is innocent, but some judicial term I don't really understand, but  it means  something in the lines of we can't decide and suspend the case (or decide not to pursue the matter further).
And how did this come across on the major channel of truth or better known as the website and blog of the greatest spiritual school in the universe.
Well let's see.

This is the official page of MISA and the article highlighted in green on the top reads: The result of the court's decision was announced: Greogian Bivolaru is innocent. 
Well not exactly. This is only one case and he was (yet again, just think of Crina Kalec's statement that GB received political asylum because the court decided that he was innocent, in both cases the answer is no) sent to court with other charges as well. 
But a personal note, after this I don't really think that the other case will be more successful. But still after the desperate and hateful articles they published in the last weeks (only in Romanian of course so that the "students" in other countries don't know what they are like), I am surprised that they don't make a bigger fuss about this win. But of course there is still time for that. 

Another example is on the "unofficial" blog:

The sentence with the huge font size means GB is innocent. As I pointed out above this is not true, but just think about the message this send to the reader. It is just childish, like many of their latest articles, but honestly I'm starting to not give a damn lately. 
To be continued.

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