Update in the case at Sibiu

So today came the day of decision in the case in Sibiu, for which the greatest yogis in the Universe meditated so intensely. The result? So far just another delay. Of course in good yogaesoteric (the oficial MISA site) manner, the information is published only in Romanian. I published the call to meditation yesterday, but this time I have to translate.

According to yogaesoteric

"In the case at Sibiu, the ruling on the case was delayed for two weeks. 

In the case in Sibiu, today the 9th of April, it was announced that the sentencing was delayed to the 23rd of April 2010. The announcement does not include details and it is a legal measure that the judge can take, in order to have time to deliberate, before pronouncing the sentence. 

the 9th of April 2010"


Update (the above is just a half truth, please read)

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