The day of Kali in MISA

Apparently the MISA administration is now so bold after the prescription of the case against it's leader at the court of Sibiu and soon other places that they have no problem putting child pornography up on their official site, on one of the official announcements.

I am referring to this picture:
That looks like a child. Maybe she's not, but if MISA instructors (supposedly) can write a whole series of articles about a certain person and dedicate an entire article to one random picture on said person's website then so can I.
Otherwise it would be a bit strange and a huge double standard don't' you think?

If the demon (literally) possessed (no really, read it yourself) person criticized in the officially approved MISA article gives away his stupidity and demon possessed status by one single picture, then the person(s) who chooses the pictures for these yogaesoteric.net articles choose exactly the right pictures that give away their own level of spirituality and state of mind. Which is apparently obsessed with sex, and includes children as sexual objects. Remember that pedophilia charge against the cult's leader Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" Bivolaru?

There. Exaggeration is a tool at everyone's disposal and the great enlightened master and the greatest disciples in the universe don't have copyright on that. So does this seem far fetched?
Personally I have no idea who that girl (woman?) is and she may as well be over 18 and just look very young. And she may be an erotic model and is very happy that way. I have no problem there. People look different and have different sexual preferences and I have nothing but support for that (unlike the MISA ideal that prescribes exact limits on who is feminine and masculine and what real lovemaking is like). And yes that does mean that I think that what happens between 2 consenting adults is their business. And their business only. 
This also means that I think that certain people who have yet to prove that they are at least a decent individual not to mention a superior one and a spiritually enlightened master and hence someone who can tell people what to do has no business telling them how to do that either. Sure suggestions are welcome but to say that if you do not follow this very strange and minute ritual you will not experience a good thing, a decent sexual encounter and that this is the pinnacle of tantra well that's somewhere off in my opinion.

The images in this article are there to put the yogic couples who wish to participate in this very special (= monthly) ritual in the right mood to perform this sexual marathon and to come in communion with the goddess Kali. 
And my question here is: is the right image for this an image of a very young looking girl? An image that looks like a child in a very sexualized pose? Again, she may not be a minor that's just my first impression. And because MISA doesn't give sources I'm left with this impression only.
And according to their own website I can think this and have this opinion about them based only on this  one photograph because that's spiritual and acceptable.
So how about that MISA? Was this the message you wanted to send? Think of underage looking girls in preparation for lovemaking? That and an old man? That's the pinnacle of tantra and pure love and the highest form of sexuality?

Again I have no problem with having a different kind of sexuality form the norm, but only as long as the parties involved are all consenting adults. So no, I don't think pedophilia is the right kind of stuff to get you in the mood for a tantric ritual sustained with triple occult force.
MISA promotes a (they say) unique and superior view of sexuality. The question is does that include pedophilia and thinking of old men (and for that matter if you are the woman in the couple, or even worse if it's a lesbian couple both women) before you make love with your partner?
According to MISA male homosexuality is wrong, but it's OK for heterosexual guys to think of an old man before they have sex if said old man is their spiritual teacher master guru whatever.
Also according to MISA lesbianism is totally OK and even recommended. And also that you should not engage in sexual relations with people you are not in love with. 
OK, let's take this scenario. Let's say there's a lesbian couple who wish to benefit from this ritual and the communion promised with te goddess Kali. OK. For this they each have to visualize an old man. Remember if these two women are genuinely in love with each other (and that is the prerequisite to a tantric relationship according to MISA spokespeople) and are actually lesbians they still need to visualize a man in order to really make love the tantric way.
Now if we happen to be talking about a heterosexual couple (is this the wast majority of MISA students? I wonder) then they still both need to do the visualization. In this case the man is visualizing another man which is supposedly wrong unless said man is his spiritual master and the woman is supposed to visualize an old man, someone who is not her partner. 
How does that make sense? How is this normal or right? How the hell can this be considered a positive event? Why does Gregorian Bivolaru want to but in people's private sexual activity like that? It's creepy and strange and not healthy in my opinion.

I'm of course not saying that this is the MISA recommended procedure for every single lovemaking that it's members ever do, but I bet if the yogis are really aspiring to be real yogis as defined by MISA, they will try to have sex as close to this pattern as possible all the time. And as they should. If this is really the pinnacle of tantric lovemaking one should aspire to do it only like this. But if the tantric ritual described is a creepy one then the nice aspiring yogis to the state of cosmic orgasm will make love in a creepy way all the time.
And trust me the “real yogis” of MISA are keen to performing this ritual. It's a big deal. And it's very important to do it. Why do I still get the impression that it's still incredibly rude and creepy of the master to let this go on?
And why is it that I find it incredibly sad that people believe this and base their lives around it?


  1. Personal nu sunt in asta.

    Fiecare e responsabil pentru actiunile proprii.

    Din cate stiu Kali e de sex feminin.

    Linkul la Source e gresit, poza se afla aici http://yogaesoteric.net/content.aspx?lang=RO&item=6684

  2. @Nicolae

    Cel care trebuie vizualizat e Gregorian Bivolaru, nu Kali :D

  3. Am corectat sursa. Mersi.

    "Fiecare e responsabil pentru actiunile proprii."
    De acord. Si cei care promoveaza credinta oarba in vorba lor sau a maestrului illiminat GB si fiecare teorie a conspiratiei tampita care apare pe net sunt in exact aceasi masura responsabili ca fac acest lucru fratiilor si surorilor lor spirituali.
    Si daca au luat responsabilitate pentru evulutia spirituala a peste 50.000 de oameni au nu numai responsabilitatea personala dar si obligatia porinita din statutul lor de a prezinta lucrurile in mod corect si sa nu minta si sa nu induca oamenii in greseala. Iar prezentarea informatiilor in acest mod iresponsabil e totmai asta: comportamentul iresponsabil si neinformat al unor grupuri de oameni asupra caruia nimeni, NIMENI nu poate si nu ar trebui sa bazeze evolutia sa spirituala. Orice ar insemna acesta (adica evolutie spirituala) :)

  4. Si da, Kali e de sex feminin, dar dupa cum a zis si Sarshi, ritualul nu se rezuma la acest lucru.
    Conflictul dintre sexualitate potrivita definita de MISA si elemetele acestui ritual, respectiv conflictul dintre religia crestina a discipoliilor si regulile acestor religii cu un astfel de ritual "tantric" tot exista.
    Daca practica yoga, care include si acest ritual daca esti un yogin adevarat (;) ) nu intra in conflict cu religia lor crestina (dupa cum a precizat maestrul insusi) atunci cum se explica aceasta incalcare flagranta si mulpila a unora din porunciile cele mai importante din crestinism si anume sa nu ai zei diferiti?

    Problema e ca MISA afirma ca promoveaza credinta in d-zeu si care in Romania imediat inseamna crestinism si mai specific BOR dar de fapt incalca reguliile acestei religii in mod constant si grav.
    Imaginea MISA acum a devenit ca sunt un grup inofensiv de oameni decenti, deci imediat si buni credinciosi ortodoxi ca doar spun ca cred foarte mult in d-zeu, cand de fapt ei (misanii) cred in ceva total diferit.
    Desigur nu promovez ortodoxia peste MISA pentru ca cred ca ambele sunt secte (prima mai mare a doua mai mica, dar care aspira cu frenezie sa devina mai mare decat BOR) doar tin sa punctez ipocrizia si disonanta cognitiva necesara sa fii un bun yoghin dupa standardele MISA.