It's official

It's official: for the people that select the over a dozen spiritual articles a month on the official MISA website yogaesoteric.net the only thing that determines if something gets published or not is if it reaches the necessary level of paranoia or not. If it's not paranoid and stupid enough, it will not get published. 
I honestly don't know to laugh of cry anymore. 

Also, does the strategy seem to be to test the paranoid articles on http://misa-yoga.blogspot.com/ before they publish them on the official site? Or is it just me?
The latest example: I was just commenting on this article on the blog and now it's on yogaesoteric.net as well. 

See this list of recent articles on yogaesoteric.net:
Mind control, and no of course it's not MISA that's controlling your mind, don't be silly. It's the evil outside world. 
Don't you dare to leave MISA because you will be filled with demons. Especially if you keep practicing yoga. 
The world is going to end unless you perform this elaborate ritual. If yo don't the end of the world is your fault. Shame on you, fake yogis that come to this school for what it actually promised and keeps telling the new recruits: yoga practice that is just like aerobics = asanas.
Freemasonry must be stopped, just look at the truly spiritual and smart Greeks that started a judicial process against it. Why are you not working on something like this? How dare you waste time on insignificant and bad things like your own life? You should prevent people that do things differently then how we teach you to at any cost. The fact that people laugh at you because you are affirming silly things and have no basis for your crazy beliefs only proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are right and you should persevere in this sort of actions. Here just read this ultimatum to the evil Illuminati (or otherwise known as the FREEMASONS!!!!!). 

That's just the articles in the past month

Not to mention that the article of the week (which should be an especially important article on a spiritual website for a spiritual school) is some crazy conspiracy or personal attack on former members going back to March!
Aspartamul – otrava dulce [16 martie 2011]

How about those over a dozen articles about spirituality a month published by yogaesoteric.net? Are these 6 (= half, HALF!!! 50 %!!!!) hate filled articles part of those spiritual articles? Is this what gives your site uniqueness and hence authenticity? The fact that you can copy-paste some conspiracy articles from the internet? And are these articles part of the huge resource on yoga in Romanian?
And you people are still surprised that people look at you like you're mad when you talk like this and that normal people don't take you seriously? There's a meditation topic for you. 


  1. We seem to have the same ideas at the same time, don't we? ^^ I wrote about yogaesoteric on the 30th of May, too and didn't see your post until now.

    And even the stuff that isn't a conspiracy theory tends to be a brainfart, like this passage saying that flowers turn women on big time:

    "51. În cazul în care florile (care în realitate sunt organele sexuale ale plantelor) vă fascinează prin frumuseţea lor plină de taină, oferiţi-vă alese momente de plăcere atunci când ele înfloresc şi mergeţi neîntârziat pentru a vă delecta admirându-le, fie în grădinile publice, fie în locurile în care există flori din abundenţă. Fiţi siguri ori sigure că veţi putea în felul aceasta să admiraţi veritabile opere de artă, care există în natură şi totodată vă veţi încărca în sfera aurei voastre cu o mulţime de energii subtile paradisiace, care sunt vehiculate într-un mod tainic prin intermediul fiecărei flori. În cazul femeilor afectuoase, vitale şi senzuale, contemplarea constantă a florilor declanşează procese oculte de rezonanţă în sfera genitală, care au un puternic efect afrodisiac."

  2. "We seem to have the same ideas at the same time, don't we? ^^ "
    Don't worry it's nothing paranormal, we just probably have the same allergy: bullshit allergy.
    Can't be treated with any natural or homeopathic remedie just with honesty and critical thinking. ;)

    And that quote is :D. So should I understand that they are giving away their true intentions like Claudiu is giving away his demon possessedness in a picture? LOL