(No) Apocalypse now (or anytime soon)

So the Rapture (or Judgment day) was supposed to come on May 21st this year. Did anyone miss it or was it just me? Well at least according to this old guy* it was supposed to happen then. Now he says it did happen it was just (to put it into a more MISA friendly terms) a subtle, impalpable, transcendental form of Rapture in which God silently judged everyone. So yeah GOD judged us and the world is still going to end in November.
Keep this in mind dear MISA "No apocalypse" program fans, this is the same thing you are spending your time on. That Rapture is just as real as this one. Except that this old guy* has more (con-man) sense left in him to not give a specific date. Instead he drags it on for a while, declares success and a few years later pull it out again and puts his devotees to meditate and perform all sorts of silly rituals for weeks on end again. 

Please prove me wrong. Prove to me that your end of the world is more real than this recent failed one in a long line of failed doomsday prophecies
Please prove to me and to everyone who's watching, that you are different than any other doomsday cult and that your apocalypse will happen unless you do exactly what you say people must do to prevent it. Or, as I'm sure you will claim soon enough, prove that your meditations and your dear master prevented it. Prove it. I dare you, better yet I bet you a billion billion (sugar and GM free, natural, whole wheat) cookies that you can't prove it. And that you don't just claim that your actions prevented it.

Guess what you are meditating and performing all sorts of rituals in wain  because I am Mahashakti the manifestation of the creative force of God and his one and true concubine have personally convinced him to not destroy the world. 
There. Now you know the great secret. 
Now all the time you were supposed to spend on performing the supremely effective and beneficial program given out by MISA, you can spend (and you MUST spend) on worshiping me by reading this blog and thinking on your own. 
See this method is free, doesn't require swearing secrecy like those evil Freemason MISA special initiations, it's accessible to anyone and profoundly beneficial to your spiritual evolution out of doomsday cults that only are after your money and only keep you in a state of constant fear. 

*Note: I have nothing against older people, it's just to point out that just because you reached a certain age doesn't mean that you are automatically right  about everything you say. 

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  1. I bow to you, oh, great Mahashakti, one true concubine of God! *bows*