This week in MISA (05/27/2011)

Monday 23rd of May 11.10-11.55 - Meditation: Venus in conjuncture with Mars
Wednesday 25th of May 09.30-10.15 - Meditation: The sun in sextil with Uranus. (*must not make Uranus joke*)

Wednesday 25th of May - Kali day

And before you think that I want to take part in that note that it specifies very clearly in the first paragraph of the announcement that this exemplification is reserved to the yoga students. I don't really understand this. So if you don't have a valid MISA yoga course ID, payed for and stamped by your instructor then you can't have access to the event? What does the great cosmic power Kali ask for MISA Id's as well? Does she have an order team like the MISA camps and you must show your MISA ID before you can have a cosmic orgasm? Must be. Otherwise it makes no sense. Oh wait.

For the occasion of Kali day in MISA, sustained with triple occult force by the master people will be meditating from 13.00-14.30 others will stay up until dawn (from 0.45 until 4.50 and mind you this on a week-night) to perform the tantric ritual with their lovers according to the very specific plan laid out by the master and which requires the people about to engage in sexual activity to visualize as best as they can the face of Gregorian “Magnus Aurolsson” Bivolaru before engaging in sexual activity and Shakti groups will be performing the so called Kali ritual.

I personally have never participated in one of these, but form what I've gathered form someone who has this basically means that one of the women of the group gets chosen by Shiva (there's a random draw with one “winner”) to be the representation of Kali and the other group members adore her. There's probably some music put on to get people on the right frequencies, the chose one (just like in the Matrix lol) sits in the center and tries as hard as she can to channel the Hindu goddess Kali and the others come up to her one by one and express their love and devotion to Kali in the way they see fit at the moment. Or as they say in MISA as they feel or resonate with Kali at the time. This can mean a variety of things but as I've heard in the majority of the cases this is seen as an opportunity for the women (grown women, and many of them with higher education. Hey if the official's of MISA can point that out whenever it suits them then so can I, except on different occasions) loose their shit and some of them their clothes as well. A state of trance and loss of inhibition is the proper reaction. And mid you these women will go home after this and go to work the next day to their jobs and families and be good orthodox or some other form of Christian citizens. Yeah, begin in MISA doesn't contradict with being a good Christian. No siree. Except in very special occasions like these when it does. And you can see ho often these are, at least a part of it on the official MISA website.

Also on this day between 18.00-18.45 - Meditation of communion with "great Christian mystic Padre Pio". 

Saturday 28th of May at 21.00- Spiral meditation to evoke the divine grace. In Bucharest the spiral will take place in Pipera hall 1.

Monday 30th of May-31st of May Shivaratri. Meditations from 23.30-01.00. In Bucharest in Pipera hall 2 the meditation will be done in a spiral.
Photos from past events.  

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