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Herculane camp
From the 29th of April until the 8th of May takes place the yearly (not really)international yoga camp organized by MISA in Herculane.
The conditions to participate are as usual: 2 pictures in a bathing suite (2 pieces for women, 1 for men) and the camp fee that this year is:

  • 155 RON for yoga students
  • 190 RON for non-yoga-students

The fee payed on location is

  • 170 RON for yoga students
  • 210 RON for non-yoga-students

According to the official announcement at the courses minors under the age of 18 can participate only with the written permission of the parents and there is supposed to be a form for this.
As always the non-students can only participate if they have a MISA yoga-student that gives a written declaration that he/she will ensure the outsiders good integration in the camp. So where is the very open MISA that they keep talking about? Where is the open aspects of the "international" camp?
Those who want to participate as karma yogis in the camp (aka participate for free in exchange for free work given to the cult during the camp. This is not as easy as it sounds. In Herculane where there is no ashram the karma yoga work means the so called order team (echipa de ordine) that has the purpose to check the ID's of the participants and to keep outsiders out of the events and because the events can take many-many hours at a time this is not easy work.)

Program on the official website of the cult.

The main topic of the camp meaning the majority of the "conferences" is dedicated to the attributes of god according to the vision of the cult's leader Gregorian Bivolaru. (As always no sources are given. All that is presented was revealed to the enlightened master by god himself exclusively)
And that will finish off with the presentation of the divine covenant between who is not clear but I'm pretty sure it will be presented as a divine covenant between god and those who are willing to and this of course will be the only people with access to this camp aka the only true spiritual people on the planet right now: the MISA students, who for the small price of 60 RON per month and 155 RON for this spiritual camp can have a special relationship and covenant with the "only god that exists"(according to Crina Calek official representative of MISA) that none of the other 5999996500 people on this planet (6 billion people - 3500 MISA students) are not good enough to get even though many of them are intensely religious and aspire honestly at a comunion with this god.
The divine attributes presented according to the program posted on the official website include: 
  • simultaneity of god (don't ask me with what it's supposed to be simultaneous)
  • "the ineffable divine ability that characterizes ubiquity" (so god's ubiquitous?)
  • divine intention (god has goals? Intentions? And humans especially the MISA students ate involved in these divine plans?)
  • divine regeneration (The growing back of amputated limbs perhaps? If yes I would certainly be impressed, but somehow I'm highly doubtful about this. See also)
  • immobility (so god is unchanging or exists in a certain place?)
  • omnipotent (This is silly. see also)
  • divine moments (like the shows they put on in these camps or what?)
  • divine synthesis (Perhaps the christian belief of god's omniscience, for this see)

and possibly others.

Other activities include the performance of the supreme and efficient method that prevents 3-4 degree earthquakes in Romania yet completely ignores 8.9 or 7 degree earthquakes in Japan (see).
Spiral meditations this year towards the center of the spiral. They kept changing that last year. I still have no idea why. If anyone knows please share. 
Meditations with the secret mantra of Svarga Loka the realm of gods (the secret mantra is LAHIM).
Meditations with angels and archangels.
Watching movies illegally recorded or downloaded and presented in an illegal fashion the viewing of a movie being illegal without the appropriate permits from the copyright holder in Romania as far as I know
Meditations to be inspired by the divine I wonder what divine results this will have in the following year, or will it be as usual none.
Meditations with Shiva especially interesting for the locals who respect the yogis because they are good ortodox Christians. Considering that Shiva is a Hindu deity and that the people who will participate in this consider him a god (or an aspect of god, still in Christianity besides god the father Jesus and the holy spirit there is no place for Shiva or any of the other gods promoted by MISA), so that's for the monotheistic and good Christian aspects of MISA
The classic women's conferences and men's conferences now renamed to be esoteric group Shakti and Vira terms copyrighted by MISA (see)
Meditation of communion with Indra (another Hindu god) using his secret mantra revealed only to Grieg and to no other Hindu saints or authors of Hindu sacred scriptures and that is DHRAM
A special (what else lol) spiritual ceremony to come in communion with the families of divine governors (DHYANI BUDDHA) aka semi-deities not only the MISA students worship several gods along with the biblical Yahwe but also the master and also some semi-gods.

Theater productions and plays
Aka productions from inside the cult like the movie „Path of Love”, by a guy named Serafim Anghel (notice the spiritual name)
Theater productions by the MISA theatre group Sophrozin that was involved in many of the MISA porno movies but now is presenting the play "The gift of the Archangels" and also will host the humor contest on the 7th.
Other smaller very spiritual "theatre" groups that present spiritual-artistic shows entitled "The adoration of Shiva" (hello first fucking comandment! Ever heard of it dear the practice of yoga does not exclude being a good ortodox christian) by the Cluj based TRIKA group.
Another spiritual-artistic moment dedicated to the great cosmic power (aka godess) Kali by the Cluj based group "Symbol".
The Braşov based theater group „Esotera Artis”, presents the play: „The live cell”. Wonder if this is a biology initiation.

There is a conference by a guy called Emanuel Enache who will present the prophecies of Vanga (see also) and Sundar Singh about Romania and it's glorious future. This as everything in this spiritual camp is reserved only for those who are part of the elite special group that is selected by the divine aka MISA. Anyone who isn't in this group is an ordinary person who will never have access to these wonderful spiritual rewards.

There is also the consecration of the already classic MISA fast to burn the negative karma of the school and that had a consequence the whole 2004 police raid and the resulting legal actions against some of the MISA students.
This means that starting from this Sunday (May the 1th of 2011) the people who take on this tapas (a spiritual practice voluntarily taken on by the disciple in order to further their spiritual evolution) will not eat, only drink water, every Sunday form 6 AM till 6 AM Monday of every week until the same date 2012.

The camp ends with the gratitude meditation towards the divine. Which one depends on what ever you want because as we already saw and that anyone who understands Romanian and has the money and the patience to go to their courses until the half of the first year can find out MISA doesn't not promote monotheism and hence this divine is in no way the god of the bible.

News reports about the event, as in the latest years are becoming more and more positive but apparently this is still not enough for fanatics like the yoga instructor Costică Cojocaru.
One article dared to call out on the fact that the enlightened spiritual master/guru/leader of MISA Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" Bivolaru didn't know that there will be rain when the special spiral meditation for the men was to be held. 
Interesting that he can know anything and keep track of the evolution of his over 35.000 disciples he has personally and also be able to teach them techniques with which they can access the Akahsik field that contains all knowledge existing in the universe, but somehow wasn't able to check on the weather forecast anywhere. Sure that's a bit inconsistent with the divine guidedness of the cult but to point this out is sacrilege and needs an angry rant from a MISA instructor.

News reports
West TV Regional tv station's report about the begining of the camp
This and many other news reports estimated beforehand a huge number of MISA yogis to be present beginning from 5000 to 6000 participants. Too bad that would mean that almost every students MISA has would have to come, but later it turned out that the actual participant count was somewhere in the 3500's.

Antena 1 report

The first spiral report

Pro TV reoprt

The first spiral report

CS report about the first spiral meditation

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