(Unofficial) MISA blog and science I mean paranoia

Here's another paranoid and purely copy-pasted without thinking or divine inspiration to not do so, article on the unofficial MISA blog at this time about bees
Sure like good journalists and good yogis they did the double checking they demand on behalf of journalists regarding them. Oh wait. They never do that. 
It's just another case of copy-pasting the latest internet paranoia. Guess those paranormal powers are off today. Maybe there's a need for a triple occult support for the poor karma yogis who write for this little blog. Come on, send a letter to your master and request some spiritual support. I heard it's way better than tech support

Here check out some of the original articles in English that started the craze and a short rebuttal and the original article.  I leave the rest to you, dear readers and I hope that unlike the people who decided to put this on their very spiritual blog you don't stop at a few sensationalist news articles and bad science reporting but read on until you figure it out.

Update: It's now official (LOL) the official MISA website took on the paranoia as well. Sorry guys it's still not accurate. 

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  1. E clar ca informatia respectiva din acel blog e exagerata.

    Nu ma mira, si pana la urma si sursele "echidistante" de informare a populatiei prezinta informatiile intr-un mod similar.

    Ramane ca fiecare in parte sa puna in miscare neuronii si sa decida daca vrea sa creada in asta sau nu :)