This week in MISA (05/13/2011)

Yoga camp
The “international” yoga camp in Herculane ended this Sunday.
Video report about the biggest spiral of the camp.

Another video about the unexpected rain that ruined the men's spiral.

From the series of conferences about god's attributes mentioned last week, the “God's attribute of regeneration” part, is available (only in Romanian) for download here.
Duration 3 hours 40 minutes. 

Vira camp in May
The men's group of MISA Mahakala the one's that organized the spiritual contest for men earlier this year (as always a spiritual contest only for MISA members; promo and video) will hold the next of it's groundbreaking events a spiritual camp for aspiring spiritual heroes aka viras between the 22nd and 26th of May 2011.
The camp will take place in the town of Băiile Homorod, Hargita county, Romania at the Soparkut hotel.

Official site of the hotel (available in English).

Conditions for participating
Must be a yoga student in at least the second year. (So much for the MISA events that are open to everyone who's interested) 
Note that not even yoga students are allowed if they are not in a sufficiently indoctrinated stage in a particular year of MISA. Foreigners are excepted. 
The usual 2 photos one face and one semi-profile (probably not digital photo required because the aura can't be seen through clothes or on digital photos, even if digital photos can be submitted at any MISA camp no one will notice as long as they are printed on photo paper) along with the money for the hotel (notice no camp fee, wonder why this isn't the case of the non-profit organization's other annual camps with 5000 participants) can be sent to the MISA library (?) until the 20th of May 2011. 
The camp is coordinated by mr. Aurel Militaru
Telephone (+20) 766593671

The program includes
  • Hatha yoga practice.
  • Exceptional spiritual exemplifications by the master Magnus Aurolsson Grieg.
  • Meditations to learn transfiguration with the help of Hindu goddesses the popular great cosmic powers MISA study material. 
  • A ritual to the (also) Hindu goddess Kali. 
  • Meditations with Mahakala (originally Mahākāla the "spiritual school" MISA never uses the correct letters for such words, Sanskrit is not considered something that is worth studying). He is another Hindu god. Male in this case. I'm assuming this is the god who presides over the camp and who is the male ideal presented to the participants. 
  • Hikes in the area in the mountains. 
  • Extraordinary (what else?) concert by the incredibly (un)known musician Kamarius exclusively for the participants of the camp. 

In the hotel 125 RON for the entire camp. The normal price for the same amount of time in the off season (May is off season) is about 164 RON. 
In a tent 25 RON for the entire period. 

The places are given out on a first come first served basis. 

No Apocalypse program
Chapter 4 of the very urgent planetary program “NO APOCALIPSE” invented by MISA is up on the official site. 
The author(s) take on the popular task to misinterpret and misrepresent things they are not able to comprehend like science and physics. And the newagers favorite quantum physics. 
If you read it pleas let me know in the comments below what you thought. 
The final conclusion is of course that all those smart people, scientists and people who actually studied these things and have tens of spent years to unravel the secrets of the universe by using the best available method to do this: scientific method and the language of the universe mathematics, are doing their job but they are too stupid to discover what the greatest spiritual school and the only true spiritual path taught by MISA has been teaching for more than 20 years now because it's spiritual leader has already discovered it in a barn in a small town outside Bucharest while meditating. 
The hand of the greatest spiritual master evar Gregorian “Magnus Aurolsson” Bivolaru is obvious, because it presents one of his trade marks, criticizing professional scientists on the topic of their specialty he being a guy who only studies the mandatory 12 classes. I'm sure he makes some great points and we will see a revolution is science and Romania will be it's center. And by this time next year scientist will have definitively proved the existence of god. Oh not your god, but the god of MISA that has dozens of aspects and Gregorian “Magnus Aurolsson” Bivolaru is his prophet. 
If you're into egocentric totally unrelated to actual science sci-fi then it's definitely an article for you. 

On the 11th there was a meditation with the beneficial astrological event Venus in conjunction with Jupiter. Never mind that astrology is bullshit, these meditations are in the official meditation program on the official MISA website. In the four years I spent at MISA these meditations were given out every month at the yoga course or eventually photocopied by one of the students and given to their colleagues who don't have an access to the website. How these were supposed to work was never explained, so each of the students had the liberty to make up anything they wanted regarding these meditations. I have no idea how popular these are, I personally never heard any testimonies regarding these special events or have ever participated in any officially organized group meditation at the room rented by local yoga course like in the case of the other more important events. 
These special events are according the the description on www.yogaesoteric.net/content.aspx helpful in achieving certain beneficial mental-emotional states that are the candy of MISA yogis. 
Other similar events were on the 12th of May

Tomorrow, Saturday the 14th at 21:15 there is a spiral meditation with the soul of the Romanian nation
In other countries the topic is communion with the particular nation's soul. Don't ask me what is the soul of a nation because this is also never explained before the events (maybe the great secret was revealed to the MISA students at one point by the great master, but that was not lately and it does not take place before any of the spirals organized by MISA in my experience). 
Also before the spiral there will be the third and last consecration of the black (nice and spiritual name isn't it?) fast that lasts a year and that has the goal to burn the bad karma generated by the evil and bad MISA students and that had the consequence that the precious master was exiled and persecuted for years. In order to realize this the people who take on this challenge will not eat Sundays from 6 AM to Monday 6 AM every week until this time next year. 

On Sunday there is the monthly event of Tripura Sundari which is also an unexplained special event but has a meditation of communion with the Hindu goddess Tripura Sundary between 17.10-17.55. 
This period is also recommended in MISA circles for prolonged sexual acts. 

Also this week the following article appeared only in Romanian even though in the very beginning it states that it contains information that is essential to every yogi. Wonder why they left out all their non-Romanian students. 
The subject is as usual a unique and extremely secret revelation give by grace of the great spiritual master of MISA to his disciples and that can be read on the internet for free and brain washing free. It is a great example of how MISA does not promote knowledge and search for truth. Instead it promotes a submissive position in which the students have to wait (sometimes for hours on end) for exceptional and unique revelations by their master. Unique revelations that are in fact taken form sometimes very old Hindu scriptures but are not based on the original, instead are based on some modern translation and interpretation by someone else and are presented as original ideas and brand new discoveries by the master. 

If you are interested it's a method of achieving spiritual enlightenment (of which are many). But if you do  read the MISA authored simplistic article, then please also read these English translations of the original holy texts. Interesting that the MISA article doesn't present a source in Romanian (or any other language) for the aspiring students who want to practice this. 

Have a nice, superstition and cult-free week.

(Note: Because of a Blogger problem this post wasn't published on Friday. Let's hope next time that won't happen.)

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