The quality of MISA teachings part 2

Great cosmic powers course plagiarism
Here's another comparison of a MISA yoga course, in this case the brochure of the great cosmic power Tara sold at MISA as part of the official curriculum and it's original sources not mentioned anywhere. 

None of the official MISA published (and sold during the yoga courses) brochures and courses contain a bibliography and therefore
1. the source scan not be verified and checked for mistakes by the students while this should be one of the basic requirements in a school. 
2. the informations are presented not as collection of useful information from various sources but as a unique and divine revelation by their Guru Grieg to the one and only true yoga school in the universe. 

These informations are given to MISA students only after participating in a series of courses about the said cosmic power and are meant to be kept secret. 

The images are put side to side the original source and the MISA course. The colored circles are as follows:
red the parts taken over word by word
underlined with green the additions made by Gregorian Bivolaru (or whoever wrote the brochure)
and with pink the passages that were not used in the MISA text. 

You can read the English passages if you like, but this is more interesting for those who understand English and Romanian. 

You can read the full original English language book here
And you can buy the non-MISA Romanian language translation here. It's 20 RON, a pretty reasonable price if you are interested in the topic and a much better price than the 9 years of yoga that you need to pass through to get the MISA version (and even so at the moment the tenth cosmic power is not taught, even though it was taught in the older days) and a not authentic initiation into the mantra, Gregorian Bivolaru not having a guru and a lineage necessary. If you read this book you will have the exact same level of knowledge that Gregorian Bivolaru does and all you have to do is practice the mantras. 
Not to mention the fact that the book contains more mantras than MISA instructors give initiations in. And who knows maybe some of them (knowing the level of incompetence of MISA instructors) don't even know of the existence of this book and it's informations, so you will know more than a MISA instructor in a higher year than 9. 

One of the left out passages is:
Apart form this Ugra Tara is worshiped by the Mantra om, hrim, strim hum, phat, Ekajata by the Mantra: hrim, strim, hum, phat, and Nila Saraswati by the three seed-sounds: hrim, strim, hum. The tradition is that the Mantra is propogated by a female Guru. 
So MISA the most harmonious and best view of women ey? 

The author of this analysis (IntenseLight) also points out that in the original text the mantra is OM and not the MISA version AUMA and concludes that not only is this a huge piece of plagiarism but also gives the incorrect mantras and not in the way they were meant to be taught. 
So there you have it the quality of super secret mantras given in special occasions during special MISA  yoga courses. If you sign up for them this is the level of quality you should expect.   


  1. Actually, the MISA initiation in Tara is given in the 2nd or 3rd year, as far as I remember... Definitely not the 9th, though.

  2. @Sarshi I was referring to the fact that you need to go to at least 9 (8 if I think about it now, because the Tara and Tripura Sundari "initiations" are given in the same year) MISA "school" years to get all the cosmic powers initiations(and mantras), not just the Tara one. That was in year 3 (for me at least).
    I meant to say that you can buy a book for 20 RON in which all the 10 mantras (and several versions) are given and you don't have to keep it a secret either.
    And another advantage of the book opposite to the MSIA "school" system: MISA doesn't give the 10th initiation (Kamalatmika) as far as I understand whilst the book discusses that as well.
    That's a bargain as far as I'm concerned ;)

  3. Ah, sorry. My bad. I didn't figure out that you meant all the initiations, since Kamalatmika is so much later, so late, in fact, that they still haven't gotten it, I think. Wouldn't it be ironic if GB died before he could 'reveal' it? I wonder what they'd come up with to explain his mistake of not giving it sooner :)