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The spiritual authors of yogaesoteric once again rubs in the salt for the family and friends of Yveline Dochinoiu by writing and promising perfect health if you eat cherries.

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MISA without the yoga rides the wave of popularity and proclaims victory while people are mourning their lost ones victims of the Oslo terror attacks. Of course he was a Freemason, and of course only that is the cause of his actions. And of course this means that everything MISA has ever claimed about Freemasons is true. And while their at it they somehow can't find the spiritual refrain to hold back their antisemitic propaganda. Oh no MISA only published antisemitic text before it was against the law. Since then they have several Israeli students and they love them to death and treat them extra nicely.
They even made one of them a yoga instructor in the UK.
Here read the manifesto written by the supposed perpetrator of the attack.

Wednesday, July 27th, from 22.30-23.15 - Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in triad with Uranus.
Thursday, July 28th - Shivaratri. From 23.30-01.00 Meditation of communion with Shiva during Shivaratri moment.

From the 24th of July until the 31st of July this years Ayurveda camp is held. Location is not disclosed, I wonder why. LOL. 
The camp promises continuing the unique revelations that were started in (if memory serves me correctly) the first such camp in 2006. 

They also promise "spiritual procedures revealed in our yoga school" and integration into a "spherical spiritual field which is a genuine sacred subtle space in nature". Inside this field the participants will be privy to special and exclusive subtle support from "the Spiritual Master", but without mentioning who. And by the way when you phrase it like that with capital letters and all why the hell are you surprised that outsiders who are not brainwashed into the MISA cult get the impression that you worship Gregorian Bivoalru and consider him The spiritual master and hence equal to Jesus? 

Anyway this "spiritual field" will make it possible for the participants to live deeply and in unison beneficial consciousness states that will be triggered by certain plants. Ok, that doesn't sound like a party at Bob Marley's house at all. Nooooo. 
Of course I'm not saying that they are consuming drugs but if the organizers provide the plant(mixture)s like they did in the case of the beneficial and romantic trance initiation and the recipe is kept secret for certain (also secret) reasons then I would not trust a group that has been lying for over two decades and is supporting silly superstitious ideas left and right with that decision. 
Oh and there was that book about aphrodisiacs that Gregorian Bivolaru supposedly wrote himself (his name is on the cover) and which recommended certain plants among them cannabis. 

If you're curious what it's about according to the people I've talked to who were in one of these camps (I personally never was) the procedure is as follows:
everyone has a few grams of a particular plant in powder form and they put this under their tongue (a MISA revelation, this is all the "spiritual procedures" that were mentioned above are) and they do a typical MISA style meditation with loud music for a particular amount of time. This is either done in a conference room or in nature. 
Other events are also MISA revelation blessings and other meditations (without plants) and "lectures" by Ayurveda experts (exclusively MISA trained) about various topics relating to (MISA)Ayurveda material. 
That's it.

Other (not official) events
Trip to the Baciu forest on 12 July. 
An event that is of course not part of the official MISA we only teach yoga courses curriculum is the following event organized by one of the shakti groups in the city of Cluj.
This is of course part of the curriculum of an optional spiritual group. One that is highly recommended to the women of MISA. And this kind of event is of course a huge grace and a big honor. And it will raise the participant's femininity level by 777%. Guaranteed.

On the night of 12 to 13th of July with the occasion of Tripura Sundari those who wish can take part in a trip to the magical forest of Baciu. I wrote about the supposed paranormal events that take place there here (Romanian).
According to an email sent by the organizer to the participants, only the girls form the shakti group will take part and in addition to them 7 specially chosen men. The method of divine choice: the ever so popular drawing of stakes. Later this was changed to a selection based on the suggestions of the girls who participate. You can guess what that means.
The girls were asked to give suggestions about what should happen on this special event.
Finally it was decided that they will perform the extra special trance sate given as a special (= payed separately) initiation in one of the Costineşti camps.
Those who have the initiation can start the event at 19:00 but those who had a bad enough karma to not be able to receive this special initiation can only participate from 22:00 and can only take the special (made with a special secret recipe) plant mixture.
Organizer: Diana Serban

Costineşti camp
On the 1st of August is the start of the (in)famous "international" yoga camp in Costineşti. This year it will last until the 4th of September.
Remember that if you have a yang spiral ID given out in MISA then you can attend all the spiral meditations of the camp.
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Mihai Stoian complains once again about the scandal in India. I already wrote about it here.

Other news
Exmisa was down again on Monday due to hardware problems according to the site administrator.

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